Coach Gibbs Still A Proud Redskins Fans

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There’s a lot of talk in the NFL about how the sport is a business, and that players and coaches are little more than businessmen with athleticism and flair.  While that may ring true for some, the greatest players and coaches have an incredible passion for the game, no matter where life may take them.

For Redskins legend Joe Gibbs, it was a passion that inspired three Super Bowl championship teams with three different quarterbacks.  It was coaching 12 seasons in the same city and leaving on his own terms.  It was returning 12 years later to fulfill a deep-seeded desire to coach.  It was coaching for another four seasons, giving his team two more shots at the playoffs.

And it was being a lifelong Redskins fan, who still gets excited for his old team.

Gibbs was at Redskins Park earlier this week and caught up with Redskins Nation’s Larry Michael to discuss what he’s been up to, and what he’s most excited to see about the Redskins for next season (via CSN Washington):

[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”937359/csn_2012-04-11-191659.1535.m4v”]

The best part of the interview is what Gibbs says about his time with the Redskins–especially in his first go around:

“It was everything for us emotionally, and just a big part of our lives.  I thought that maybe it was just me, but when all the player came back, almost every single one of them said the exact same thing I did: that it was one of the greatest periods in our life.

“It was a thrill to be here.  I think this is the greatest sports franchise in the world, with the greatest fan base in the world.  It was a thrill to be a part of all that…I’m probably one of the biggest fans ever.”

So if a player or writer ever tells you that football is just a business, keep in mind that some would disagree.  Even one of the greatest coaches to touch the gridiron is one of the biggest homers of all time.

0 thoughts on “Coach Gibbs Still A Proud Redskins Fans

  1. Coach Joe Gibbs was the greatest coach that he REDSKINS will ever have because of the following:

    The willingness build a quality team with a run first option even when the league was trying to become pass happy- eludes to clock management. The longer the offense has the ball, the longer the opposing offense is on the bench and cannot score points.

    The willingness to take a chance on a player that others have given up on and turn him into a winner. Joe Theismann was the most notable QB of the Gibbs era. He was on the decline of his career. Gibbs turn him into a winner. Doug Williams was an almost broken has been, Gibbs turn him into a winner. Schroder was not heard of and you get it Gibbs turned him into a winner. Riggins and Joe Washington many said were washed up, Gibbs turned them into a winner. the fun bunch was not heard of outside of the beltway, Gibbs gave them the ball enough to keep them satisfied even with a run first team. The HOGS loved the man. It is apparent to me perhaps all Redskins fan that Gibbs is the greatest coach that we have ever had. I don’t discount the great Redskins coaches of the past. I didn’t see them in action. I attended every home Redskins game at RFK from the time I was 12 years old, mostly as a vendor but still attended them.
    Mike Shanahan has proven myself at Denver and with John Elway but he still has some work to put in to outdo Gibbs as the greatest Redskins coach. I really look forward to him out doing Gibbs in the future but for right now I am stuck with Gibbs.


  2. man i love gibbs. my GF is a little younger then me and she didnt watch football that much before me so i have many a story to tell her. whats good is she ask and is genine in listening about the redskins and gibbs. i never noticed that all the memorys i have are all in the 80’s and early 90’s. she said i never talk about the redskins except for joe gibbs days. oh well maybe i can start new storys when RG3 starts playing really well for us and we return to a team that other teams feared. i agree that we have the best fan base of ANY sports team. i been to RFK, JKC stadium before they changed the name and after to fedex, been to the Linc, been to giants stadium, even been to the ravens since im only 20 minutes from them. raven fans are also good fans but they have no tradition like us redskin fans do. even so raven fans are very nice and thoughtful. eagle fans get voted worse franchise fans 6 years running now. they base it on friendleness, knowledge of the game, likeability, amongst other things…year after year the eagle fan base finished first (thats not a good thing!) oh well, at least they can win something, its not like the team knows how.


  3. I’ve been a Redskins fan for over 40 years and remember all of those Super Bowl teams that Joe Gibbs led. He gave great leadership to some fine players and staff! What a tremendous legacy!


  4. I agree with snyper however I will say I do remember a game during Joe Gibbs 2 when the Redskins threw 2 fourth quarter touchdowns and beat the cowboys….the more I watch RG3 interviewed and see his highlights I cant wait for him to come to DC. Hopefully good days are ahead for the Redskins and the fans.


  5. Tmann that game was against the cowboys, and it was their hall of fame induction night and skins came back from two scores down (10-0?) and won 14-10 i believe with two touchdowns in the final 3 minutes- both downfield bombs. That game is one of my all time favs the look on the cowboys fans’ faces was priceless.


  6. I’ve got you all beat…I’ve been a skins fan for 54 years, going back to Griffth Stadium, Eddie Lebaron, Don Bosseler and Johnny “O” and Joe Gibbs is and always will be the finest man and greatest coach in skins history.


  7. Joe Gibbs. The same can be said for Joe that was said about Bret Hart during his hall of fame career. Gibbs is the Best There is, the Best There Was, and the Best There Ever Will Be. Thank you, Coach Gibbs for giving us 16 years of memories. Hail to the Redskins!


  8. The Joe Gibbs Era was by far the best memories I have in sports! Washington DC was nuts around those days. Redskin fever was everywhere!
    When you went to a game in RFK, there was no experience that compared. The stadium seats bouncing up and down, and the fans screaming their lungs out. It was like one huge family affair! Thanks to Joe Gibbs and his coaching staff,all the players, and the fans for those days in my memory! It was awesome!


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