Jackson Brings The Hammer To Secondary

Tanard Jackson signs his new contract at Redskins Park on Friday morning.

After inconsistent play at the back end of the Redskins’ secondary last season, the team made the decision to go in a new direction for 2012.  With the additions of Brandon Meriweather, Madieu Williams and now Tanard Jackson, the Redskins are set to have revamped talent and depth at safety next season.

Jackson, 26, comes to the Redskins after being released by the Buccaneers earlier this week.  In Washington, Jackson has an ardent supporter in defensive backs coach Raheem Morris, who was his head coach in Tampa Bay.  Jackson also becomes the latest of a growing list of Redskins that hail from the DC-Maryland-Virginia area, having grown up in Potomac, Md.

Jackson brings a scary presence to the Redskins’ secondary, and matches the fearsome playmaker that defensive coordinator Jim Haslett is seeking.  Here are a few of his highlight hits in recent seasons:

Not to glorify gruesome hits, but the thing that separates Jackson is his ability to hit hard and cleanly.  The Redskins need playmakers who don’t put their team in jeopardy by being overzealous on a hit, and Jackson has a reputation for responsible enforcement.

Jackson is coming off of injuries that shortened his season in 2011.  He is expected to be healthy enough to compete for playing time this offseason.

For more information on the Jackson signing, check out Redskins Nation tonight at 5:30 and 11:30 p.m. on CSN Washington.

0 thoughts on “Jackson Brings The Hammer To Secondary

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  2. Hopefully this signals the end to the Reed Doughty era. I’m sure he’s a smart/great guy, but his inability yo make plays has hurt the Redskins for years.


  3. Depth is the ticket to winning more games.Too bad Landry could’nt stay healthy. I really believe that Allen and Shanny are making progress in all phases the last couple of years. Of course McNabb was a bust but you cant really blame Shanny for trying. I hope the draft will address the O-line for more depth there and maybe a diamond in the rough should still be around in the 3rd.and 4th rounds to protect our new QB. Would like to see another option at mid linebacker as well. All skins fans love London but he only has a couple yrs left.


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