2012 Redskins Have First Day In The Office

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The Redskins had their first dose of offseason conditioning this morning at Redskins Park, as 61-0f-63 players reported for voluntary workouts.

Players were generally upbeat, and it was a first sighting for some players in quite some time.  The highlight of the morning was London Fletcher on the premises to sign his brand new contract with the team.  Players joked and high-fived with their captain in between workouts, and players hung around after the workouts to catch up on the offseason.

Several players tweeted their enthusiastic feeling about being back to work on a beautiful day:

It was good to see everyone, and players looked to be in pretty good shape.  Jonathan Crompton and Roy Helu were both sporting improved facial hair styles, a testament to their offseason grind.  Chris Neild’s beard looks stronger than ever, giving fans of the blog lots to look forward to in training camp.

At least one player got married over the offseason, and one budding star is recently engaged–soon to be married (sorry ladies).

We’ll have the scoop on that and more in the next couple days, so check back on The Redskins Blog, Redskins.com and Redskins Facebook for updates.

0 thoughts on “2012 Redskins Have First Day In The Office

  1. Welcome back gentlemen! Hope everyone is well, and ready to give it 100% this season. O linemen…. we fans need you to get it in, to protect our soon to be franchise qb. Who ever that may be. Wink, wink : ) D fense…do your thing. Our captain is back! All eyes will be on us. Especially if RG3 is indeed headed here. Let’s give them something to see. Go out…play hard, stay healthy, and have a great season. HTTR!


  2. Could someone please ask the tough questions? Why does the Redskins weight room SUCK? Its league known that we have a inferior facility. Don’t ask Larry to ask. According to him, we can have one barbell and a heavy ball and he’ll say our facilities are top notch.


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