Players React To Redskins’ 2012 Schedule

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In the 21 hours since the the NFL released each of the 32 schedules for next season, most Redskins players have had a chance to take a peak at the dates and times of the 16 matchups.

The two games that jump off the page are the back-to-back nationally televised games in Weeks 12 and 13.  The first is on Thanksgiving at 4:15, when families are finally settling in on the couch after a Turkey Day feast.  On top of that, it’s against the Dallas Cowboys, a game that fires up fans and players alike.

Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall asks and promptly answers the question, ‘what could be better than that?’!/Dhall23/statuses/192405960449458176

The following week, the Redskins host their first Monday Night Football game in two years, and get a chance to extend their recent dominance over the Super Bowl Champions.  Back-to-back national audiences for divisional matchups also comes complete with an 11-day layoff between the two games.  The combination has linebacker Ryan Kerrigan raring to go:

The third thing that should excite Redskins players is the Week 10 placement of the 2012 Bye week.  As you may remember, the 2011 Bye came in Week 5, which led to a brutal 12-week run to finish the season.

This year, the Redskins have five-of-six division games in the seven weeks after the Bye, and face their toughest stretch after a week off.  That notwithstanding, the Redskins still have the sixth-easiest schedule based on 2011 results (a combined .488 winning percentage), and play only seven games against 2011 playoff teams.

And that’s something that defensive end Adam Carriker can get very excited about:

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  1. wow, i love th schedule , can it get any better this time we will take the cowboys on thanxgiving, how better to d beat a turkey team after eating turkey, pun intended. Time to intensify the ravens rivalry by taking down the ravens


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