Today’s Curiously Strong Draft Predictions

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[Editor’s Note: These draft predictions are the thoughts and sentiments of their attributed authors.  They are not intended to reflect the thinking of the Redskins decision-makers.]

On March 9, the Redskins announced the blockbuster deal with the St. Louis Rams that sent the No. 2 overall pick to the Redskins.  With two desirable quarterback prospects available, Redskins fans had reason for hope and excitement in 2012 and beyond.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Irving, Texas there was legitimate cause for alarm.

Cowboys COO Stephen Jones recently sat down with the Dallas Morning News crew to discuss how the Redskins’ trade led to the Cowboys signing free agent cornerback Brandon Carr (via

Forewarning: Jones makes a draft prediction for the Redskins that is not necessarily shared by the Redskins:

“Any time you have a team getting a good quarterback…then you obviously want to counter that with good defensive players. We think we did that with (Brandon) Carr. He’s a press corner. I think he fits with what we want to do on defense, which is get in their face and press them up.

“I think the other thing is we have to get pressure. We obviously have one of the elite pressure players in the league in DeMarcus Ware. I think we have to get (Anthony) Spencer more involved in terms of productivity. Then you look at our defensive linemen. (Jay) Ratliff and (Jason) Hatcher and those guys, I think we have to get better there but I think we can do that.

“A young player like RG3, if we can get pressure on guys like that, I think it effects their accuracy, I think it effects their productivity and I think it will allow us to have success against them.’’

So there you have it: the Cowboys signed Carr–at least in part–thanks to Griffin’s presumed acquisition in Washington.  In a subsequent move, the Cowboys cut ties with top cornerback Terence Newman, who had a career-high nine interceptions against the Burgundy and Gold.

Won’t they feel silly if the Redskins take the other guy?

In Jones’s defense, he was prompted to discuss RG3 in the way that the question was asked.  On the other hand, he makes no great effort to include Andrew Luck in the discussion.

The second draft prediction comes to us from the’s schedule site, officially launched at 7 p.m. yesterday evening.  In the headline of the Indianapolis schedule, the NFL web writers make the bold assumption that Luck to the Colts is a done deal.



The last time I checked, the Colts haven’t signed any player ahead of next week’s draft, and I don’t expect them to at this point.  It seems curious that the league is leading with a presumptuous foot on this topic.

As all NFL fans know, anything can happen in the Draft, and I wouldn’t invest too much in any of the smokescreens before the picks are announced.  Then again, aren’t overly-bold predictions fun?

0 thoughts on “Today’s Curiously Strong Draft Predictions

  1. We need to counter-counter if that is even a correct term with upgrading that RT spot to stop any production of Ware or Spencer getting off. Got to take the pressure off our Rookie QB and put it on the Def and running game to lead the way. With are division games on the back end we can look to lean on are QB a little after he has some games under his belt.


  2. the way you stop a defense from rushing is several, screens help but with a mobile QB presumably RG3, then you run bootlegs…kinda what the boot was invented by some more time. let ware rush from the left side (offense) and then see RG3 run to his right. of course the best way to stop a rush is with GREAT O-LINEMAN, but thats another story.


  3. I think we’re trying to trade GAFFNEY for an experienced young RT or OG.

    I say we pick a center in this draft as well. PHILLIP BLAKE or BEN JONES are my mocks at slot #102.

    The money relief may allow us to sign TIM HIGHTOWER and finish the business of FA for this year.

    I think we take a FB after the draft is finished. CODY JOHNSON from Texas is my choice if he falls out of the draft.


    • I will be surprised if are able to move GAFFNEY once it is announced the team already tried to move him.

      He will be released before reading camp.


  4. keep gafney keep brandon banks! Im telling you if the recievers we just picked up turn out bust we are gonna need proven redskins hands like gafney, and an explosive special teams. our line while healthy isnt that bad with a QB with legs under him, depth is what is really needed. our scondary also needs improvement, a good safety would make hall able to ball hawk which is the kind of corner he is. lets hope the pick ups there help, and losing landry wont bite us in the backside.


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