Carriker Officially Out-lifting Phillip Daniels

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During the 2010 season, Adam Carriker was united with Phillip Daniels on the line to form one of the strongest defensive end  tandems in the history of the NFL.  They played together for only one season and made only one start together in that span, but changed the standard for ‘player strength’ in Washington.

The question of strongest Redskin was a dangerous question in those days, with two of the team’s more outspoken interviews making the case for themselves.

Even a review of the Youtube tape sheds little light on the subject, with Daniels squatting 722 pounds, and Carriker allegedly benching over 500 pounds, squatting 600 pounds, and clean and jerking 405 pounds.

I don’t know anyone strong enough to determine who wins that contest.

But after spending 2011 in retirement, Daniels, the new director of player development, has apparently left his power lifting days in the past.  According to head strength and conditioning coach Ray Wright, Carriker is now the undisputed strongest man in the building:

[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”940351/redskins_2012-04-13-174251.895.m4v”]

Daniels played for 15 seasons in the NFL, in no small part because of his superhuman strength.  Wright gives due credit by saying Daniels was one of the strongest players he ever worked with, but was adamant in his denial that Daniels still has it:

“No, Phil is where he needs to be, and he’ll do a great job in player development…but he’s no longer able to push the heavy weight.”

At 40 years of age, Daniels doesn’t need the accolades of strongest Redskin.  At age 40 he should probably be thinking about lifting for health instead of lifting for the football trenches.

And his job moving forward has more to do with uplifting the young players on this roster, rather than out-lifting.

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