Meriweather Intrigued By Redskins History

The 2011 season was a disappointing campaign for both the Redskins starting safeties and Brandon Meriweather.

The Redskins thought they had a pair of dynamic playmakers in LaRon Landry and Oshiomogho Atogwe, but poor health and performance led to their departure.  Coming off of back-to-back Pro Bowl seasons in New England, Meriweather was cut on the eve of the regular season, before landing in Chicago.

The 2012 season is tailor-made for dual redemption.

Despite adding an army of safeties this offseason, Meriweather has an opportunity to compete for either starting safety position.  It appealed to Brandon that teammate, mentor and close friend Sean Taylor starred for the Redskins.  It appealed to him because he could showcase his talents (Live) on a young defense.

And it turns out that the vibrant, living history of the Redskins was the icing on top.

“It means a lot to play for a team that has this much history behind it,” he told me.  “Y’know, I just found out that we have Homecoming games.  I think this might be the first team in NFL history to have a Homecoming game.”

The annual Redskins Homecoming game is a tradition instituted by general manager Bruce Allen, as a tip of the cap to generations of Redskins players that paved the way.  The event showcases and celebrates Redskins alumni, and gives them an opportunity to enjoy an afternoon of football.

If you think that doesn’t matter to current Redskins players, you don’t know Meriweather.

“To actually get to meet some of the players that played in Washington, and started the Redskins tradition, is amazing,” he said.

Not only is the Homecoming celebration a classy tribute to the players who paved the way, it’s also a selling point to those that follow in their footsteps.

0 thoughts on “Meriweather Intrigued By Redskins History

  1. Brandon Meriweather it is great that you recognize this about the Skin’s organization. In my opinion,. Snyder, brought a newer unrelated attitudinal shift within the organization and team. It unsettled a deep rooted family strength within the organization and players. What the players need, is to watch countless game film of the Hoggs, and Fun Bunch.. For instance, when those guys practiced or played a game.. They operated as ONE. in synch.. One big huge wall of strength.. When they broke from the huddle, the all turned to face the defense in unison.. all with the same pace, and fierceness. We need this character built back into the redskins organization and players again. Both the defense and offense, needs to take on this type of character. If you can imagine it.. It is like those War films or action films, where they show a group, team of guys walking together in slow motion, in synch, with i dont know.. its powerful, to see it.. That is what the Hoggs and D had with the 80’s Skins.. We really need the players to find that again. My opinion, the players should be grouped and put into rooms, and not let out until they all have gel’d as one.. thinking as one.. acting as ONE…I dont mean that in a bad way..


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