Orakpo Hand-Delivers His First Nike Jersey

AP Image

Linebacker Brian Orakpo was the Redskins’ official model for the prototype Nike Elite jerseys, earlier this month.  Now he’s the first person to re-gift his jersey, delivering one to rapper and Redskins’ super-fan Wale at Ben’s Next Door in D.C.

In an ad campaign released earlier this afternoon, Nike’s cameras takes a journey with the pair and capture their conversations.

Wale was born and raised in Washington, D.C., and remains an outspoken fan of his hometown team.  He is frequently seen on the sidelines of home games, has performed at halftime, and has gone on national sports shows in defense of the Burgundy and Gold.

Wale is a popular musician in the Redskins’ locker room, and is a worthy recipient of the first Nike Elite Redskins jersey.  Check out the video below:

The players stay at a hotel in downtown Washington the night before home games and commute through the heart of Redskins Nation to get to FedExField. Orakpo shared his thoughts of the spectacle, as he drives to meet Wale:

“Day of the game, driving towards Maryland, and driving through different neighborhoods, it’s just great to see the community coming out, supporting all the guys, pulling up in their cars with signs,” he said.  “You see so many different things that brought me back to why I love this game.  People are out, representing their team.

“That’s why each and every time I step out there on the field, man, I just give it my all,” Orakpo continued.  “For the fans, the diehard Redskins fans, that just believe, year in and year out, that we will get to the promised land. That’s why I fight so hard.”

0 thoughts on “Orakpo Hand-Delivers His First Nike Jersey

  1. dc chillin, pg chillin, my name wale and i came to get it! hahaha i love wale man, heard he was a baller HB in his day too. good things are happenin in DC, from wale to soja to rg3 and ovi, strasburg, and wall. its time to shine!


  2. I am a lonely, Loud and Proud Member of the Skins Nation. I’ve flown to Dallas twice in the past few years when Jason Campbell was our QB.. and sitting right smack in the middle of all that blue and silver…I adorned my Refskins Colors and was happy about it. I love this team and I have never loved another. I am and shall always be a..Skins Fan n Arkansas!!!!


  3. Hail skinsfannarkansas! I am a transplant from the Natural State living in Virginia, kills me how many cowgirl fans are all the way out here! I never liked them growing up next door, even with Jerry Jones being an Arkansan, but then again Texas annoys the hell out of me as a general rule 🙂 (With Orakpo being a scary awesome exception to that rule of course!) Keep fighting the good fight and annoy the cowgirls and Aints bandwagon as much as you can, we are on our way back up now! HTTR!


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