Redskins Enjoy 3rd Annual ‘Ride 2 Provide’

via @graceramirez

The forecast called for rain, but it was nothing but sun and smiles at Lorenzo Alexander’s “Ride 2 Provide” charity bike ride on Saturday.  Alexander and Kedric Golston hosted the event for the third year, and were joined by teammates Ryan Kerrigan, Niles Paul, Logan Paulsen, Rob Myers, as well as former Redskin Chris Wilson and the Hogettes.

And yes, Paulsen is shown wearing a light purple tutu.  No, I don’t know why–but I will find out.

The event raises money for wounded veterans recovering from their injuries, as well as Alexander’s ACES foundation.  Alexander was excited with the biker turnout, but really enjoyed the support of his teammates for his biggest annual event:

“It’s pretty cool to have your teammates out here supporting you,” Alexander said with a grin.  “A lot of guys have chosen to get involved and help me out, and it shows what type of men they are and what they’re all about.  The local media have created a great bond over the years, and those guys have come out to support me as well.

“It goes beyond football and the Redskins on a day-to-day basis,” he added.  “We’re about relationships and building a better community.”

Watch video recapping the day, below:

[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”953547/redskins_2012-04-23-173747.895.m4v”]

This is just one of many charitable efforts that Alexander does on behalf of his foundation and the Redskins organization. After a recent charity bowling event in California, Emily Cohen wrote a piece detailing Alexander’s journey as a professional.

One of the more interesting quotes comes from Alexander’s high school football coach, Dan Shaughnessy, formerly of St. Mary’s College High School.  Apparently the One Man Gang that we know and love in Washington began his charitable ways as a teenager:

“Lorenzo is not just a fantastic, dynamic athlete…He also never forgets what someone else has done to help in his life and he never expects a free ride. He put in his time to get where he is now.”

While the praise is well-deserved for the Redskins’ Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee, Alexander defers credit to those that paved the way for him.  All he’s doing now, is giving back:

“As a rookie in the NFL, I was already making more money than most people would ever see in their lifetime and I felt I needed to give some of that back,” remembers Alexander. “Growing up, my Uncle Steve showed me how to be a man, be responsible, and make good decisions.

“I want to make a difference for the next generation of kids who don’t have means or the support and guidance I had from my mother and my uncle when I was young.”

Alexander’s work is a testament to everyone that supported him, as he continues to provide guidance to the next generation.  Good work Lorenzo!

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