Green Room Phone Reactions, Ne’ermore

The age of green room phone reactions–like the one seen above by 2011 rookie Ryan Kerrigan–has come and passed, according to Josh Katzowitz of  

One of the more anti-climatic elements of television draft coverage in recent years, has been the introduction of cameras to the green room at Radio City Music Hall.  Instead of waiting to hear the name of the player about to be announced on stage, the excitement was neutered by cameras rolling on the celebratory phone call.

By the time commissioner Roger Goodell reached the podium, the talking heads had already exhausted topics of conversation on the designated pick.  But quoth the NFL, nevermore.

For tonight, the mystery of the NFL Draft will be in full effect, and the Redskins’ top pick will remain top secret.  By head coach Mike Shanahan’s estimation, the No. 2 overall pick is one-tenth of a percent a mystery.

0 thoughts on “Green Room Phone Reactions, Ne’ermore

  1. I was very happy to not see cameras in the green room. It was a dumb idea to have viewers watch the player talking on the phone to the team!


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