First Ever Chants Of ‘R-G-3’ At FedExField

As the clock ticked down to 8 p.m. last night, Redskins Nation swelled with pride, as fans around the world huddled around their television sets and waited for the good word.

The team hosted its first ever Draft Day Viewing Party at FedExField.  Sponsored and impromptu Redskins Rallies cropped up all over the district, and at various bars across the country.  Fans on Twitter posted from as far away as Europe and Asia, foregoing sleep to watch the pick live.  At Radio City Music Hall, the overwhelmingly Redskins crowd booed Andrew Luck and the Colts, chanting ‘R-G-3!’ until long after he left the stage.  Into the wee hours of the morning, all anyone could talk about was the career trajectories of the first and second overall picks.

And last night was just the beginning.

The fan reaction was the perfect storm for years of frustration combined with insatiable pride.  It was a move that was three years in the making, of roster building and preparation to find that franchise guy.  Last night was only the first step, but today will be largely devoted to the celebration by the fans, for the fans.

The first stop we make is at FedExField, the new home field for Robert Griffin III, and the new-look Redskins.  Fans mobbed the Club Level of the stadium, and roared with the announcement by Roger Goodell.  For the first of hopefully many times, the crowd broke out in a spontaneous chant of ‘R-G-3!’ holding up three fingers:

[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”958891/redskins_2012-04-27-101931.895.m4v”]

Across town, our friends at Hogs Haven blog and Ball Hogs Radio hosted their own draft party at the Rocket Bar in DC, complete with a piñata of Jerry Jones.

I wonder what it was full of?

When the night was finished, Adam Bradley and company produced an awesome video of the night’s festivities:

Great work, guys. And here are a few more photos from FedExField:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ll have new content throughout the day, and D.C. welcomes from fans, athletes, and local celebrities. Hail!

0 thoughts on “First Ever Chants Of ‘R-G-3’ At FedExField

  1. Tony Homo and the Dallas cowgirls will will be really pissed off when they face and lose twice to RG3 and the new look Washington Redskins. Getting Claiborne added to the roster isn’t going to help them at all. Just keep on kicking ass Washington Redskins all the way to the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!!!


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