Redskins Players Inspired To Get To Work

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In the nearly 24 hours since the Redskins made Robert Griffin III their No. 2 overall pick, the word has spread up and down the Redskins roster.  Some players were quick to the draw with welcoming tweets, while others responded throughout the day today.

One thing to note is that it’s not necessarily the offensive players that are most excited about his new presence on the team.  Indeed, it has been the defensive players that are the most outspoken in their support of the Redskins’ top pick:!/Dhall23/statuses/195667442746396674

That’s not to say that the offensive players weren’t excited about the future at the quarterback position. The Redskins’s weapons in the passing game were sure to welcome the future signal-caller to Washington:

And even the kicker showed his appreciation for Griffin, with the first team apparel challenge:

With a playmaker like Griffin in the fold, players have every right to be ecstatic looking forward to 2012 and beyond. That’s not to say that Griffin is ready to start in Washington, but his teammates are definitely ready to train with RG3.

0 thoughts on “Redskins Players Inspired To Get To Work

  1. Congrats RGIII man the only thing Iknow of you are highlite films never saw you play I truely wish you well . Do your thing in turn this thing around as best you can I’ve been a redskin fan since 1965 pride passion guts HTTR


  2. To all my fam in Redskins Nation….Good Morning….Hail! My post this morning is short and straight to the point. First @RG3, sorry I wont be one of the lucky ones to shake your hand today but I will make my first Redskins game this year and yes you helped to inspire that…Thanks, regardless of how many growing pains it takes, you are special and i m glad you are surrounded by such great men and hopefully the gel will be here to stay. But my most important thing is this. Today is Day 3 in the draft. If nobody else believes in him, I do. Vontaze should be a Redskin. Vontaze is somewhat troubled and I understand that in this business risks are hard to take but not only do we have a Young leader, we have veterans that will give Vontaze the mentoring that is needed. On Day 3, change your view Redskins Nation and Redskins Front Office. This is a potential future Hall of Famer and he is just raw, like an onion fresh peeled. Give him a chance today and give him a home and watch him grow. I’m a youth mentor, I m 30 yrs old and still play semi-pro football. I love this kid. He has that instinct that many don’t have. Give him a chance, and watch it pay dividends.


  3. The last time we had a big arm in dc, that was accurate and a proven leader we were beating the Broncos like drums. Wake up the echos lets rejoin our destiny. RG3 is a spark, Fletch, Armstrong, BORk(98), Highinthetower,DangerousHall, FleshstrippingFletch( El Capitan) LET’S GET CRUNK!!!HTTR


  4. i called rg3 being a redskin before the season started. crazy how it all worked out, glads to finally have a great qb on board…he will eliminate the turnover plague we have with grossman….HTTR!!!!!!!!LETS GET THAT DIVISION TITLE…AND A SB…I KNOW IT UNLIKELY TO HAPPEN ON THE FIRST YEAR, BUT I ONLY SEE MY TEAM GETTIN BETTER….


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