Alfred Morris Is A Classic Shanahan Back

Starting with Terrell Davis in Denver, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan has earned his reputation as Running Backs Whisperer, taking obscure picks and developing them into electrifying playmakers.

That’s precisely what he’ll try to do with Florida Atlantic back Alfred Morris, who comes to the NFC East out of the Sun Belt Conference.  He comes to the Redskins as an Evan Royster type who isn’t the best at any one thing, but is a well-rounded serviceable back.

This was his review and attributes, courtesy of his draft Combine page:

Morris runs low and can get to the hole with a decent burst. He is a natural runner between the tackles who can feel and avoid pressure or wait for his seam to develop.

He is deceptively agile in short areas to avoid clean hits on him through the initial three yards of a play, and he plays much faster when tasked with finding daylight in a short area. He is capable of blocking in pass protection at the next level if his willingness matches his ability.

As every running back under coach Bobby Turner will tell you, “if you can’t pass protect, you’ll never see the field.”  Morris seems to possess that ability, and he’ll have to show it at the pro level if he expects to be the next Davis.  Scouts compare him to a runner in the mold of BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

I think the Redskins would take that kind of production.

Here’s a highlight video from his Pro Day at FAU:

0 thoughts on “Alfred Morris Is A Classic Shanahan Back

  1. he will be fine he has all the right tools and i seen his highlight small school but he made the yards count on every down great runner sumbody whos a natural juss been looke over in the draft cuz of a small school i cant wait to see him run the back….HTTR!!!


  2. Although I’m not a Skins fan, I had to stop by and drop a couple of lines.
    Congratulations Skins nation, you got a CLASS A kid in Alfred. Please support him, he is a good guy that has been underrated his entire life and those who have seen him playing up close like me can say that he may not seem the flashy guy but must important thing: HE GETS THE JOB DONE!!!!! put him up for blocking, catching or running and you won’t see a more complete athlete with his undeserved low ranking among prospects. His draft stock was mainly determined based on his speed, but put the tape on and watch him pick and run through the holes or around the end and brake away gaining nice yardage. Don’ be fooled by what some scouts say. GO OWLS!!!!! Alfred Morris…you make us proud!!!


  3. I agree Dave…Just because Cousins was still there did not mean you had to draft him. We needed Offensive Linemen and LB’s. There were some pretty good ones still available in the 4th round. Way to waste the pick Mike…


  4. Not a real shanahan fan, but I respect him . He can build a team especially rbs. Great picks would like to have seen at least one big wr. Die hard redskins for eternity fan.


  5. I like it. If we can get a Ben Jarvis-Green Ellis out of him, awesome. With him in the backfield we have a blocker to watch RG3’s back. Wasn’t blocking a weakness for Evan and Roy? Let them run and wear down the defense and then RG lights it up with Alfred watching his back and taking the occasion delayed draw for quick easy yards up the middle.


  6. If Hightower goes, he’s a great pick because we NEED a 3rd down back who can pass block. Plus, should injuries hit, knock on wood, he looks capable of being an every down back.


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