Redskins Take LB Keenan Robinson, UT

AP Image

The Redskins continue to add to their list of Texas converts, selecting Plano-native and linebacker Keenan Robinson.  Both Robert Griffin III and Josh LeRibeus are from the same region as Robinson, which happens to be a suburb of Dallas, Texas.

That’s one way to one-up the Cowboys.

Robinson also joins Brian Orakpo as former Texas Longhorns in the Redskins linebacker corps.  Robinson was one of the top available players left on the board with the 119th pick, and brings the reputation as a vicious tackler.  He was a full-time starter for the last three years at Texas, and was a Butkus Award semifinalist last season.

For those of you concerned with too many Texans in Washington, just know that he was actually born in Omaha, Neb.  According to his Texas bio, he was a three-time member of the school’s Honor Roll, and earned academic all-district honors as a high schooler.  He also enjoys video games and cooking.


He may be a mid-round pick, but he’s a smart kid with great character.  Oh, and he hits really hard:

0 thoughts on “Redskins Take LB Keenan Robinson, UT

  1. I’ve watched some tape on this guy, and he’s almost unblockable. He sheds a lot of blocks on his way to making a lot of tackles. If he can do that at the pro level, he has a chance to become really good.


  2. Robinson can play almost all over the field. He’s hard hitting, but clean player. Great hands and un-blockable. Great asset to the Skins. Go Skins, Go Horn.


  3. its pretty simple, rak cant cover WRs in the middle, this guy might be able to. he is a natural LB rak and karrigan are both DEs turned LB.


  4. espn and others are saying this was the sleeper pick of the draft, a steal. someone that can com ein and start day one if needed and be a quality starter and a future probowler. griffin was rated as best pick overall for the redskins, and robinson was picked as on the entire draft steals and best value for the redskins.


  5. @ Farmer he’s no safety…. He is 5 inches taller then Fletcher and the same weight. at 240-245ish. He is a LB.

    How many 240lbs S can you list? Oh that’s right none. He is just lean. He did 27 reps. Fletcher just looks bulky because he is so short.

    I will not be surprised if he is starting next to Fletcher by the end of the season.


  6. I’m agog over the number of guys out for eight LB and a couple teams slots.

    plus a couple UFA DE’s that might convert to LB. WOW!


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