A Look At Robert Griffin III’s Rookie Card

With some of the finest graphic designers around, Panini America sports merchandising company made waves last offseason by being the first to put locked out rookies (like Leonard Hankerson) in the jerseys of the teams that drafted them.

Heck, they can even put NBA players in a convincing Redskins jersey, if properly motivated.

So it comes as no surprise that they are on the cutting edge of fitting new Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III in his first official threads.  According to their blog “The Knight’s Lance,” the company has signed 24 of the top 32 picks in the draft, and is releasing their official rookie cards in order.

Griffin III fished his wish with the No. 10 jersey, but this is the first that fans get to see of him in the white jersey.  Redskins open on the road in the preseason and regular season, so this may well be a look at the first game jersey Griffin III wears.

[Editor’s Note: For the record, this is not Redskins official.  This is a marketing and merchandising deal between Griffin III and Panini America.]:

via @PaniniAmerica

According to the Panini America blog post, Griffin III is very excited about the deal:

“As a kid, you go to the stores and you buy the trading cards and to know that I’ll finally be on those cards legitimately is very cool,” Griffin said. “Not everybody gets that chance and I’m thankful that Panini America is making it possible for me.

“I’ll definitely savor it and just continue to build toward a better future.”

The folks at Panini America are likewise ecstatic to have Griffin III on board, giving this flowery description of his play:

“Robert Griffin III is one of the most dynamic playmakers to emerge at the quarterback position in many years and his extensive presence in our 2012 products will only add excitement to arguably the greatest rookie class of the last decade,” said Panini America CEO Mark Warsop.

And if you want a look at his first official autograph as a member of the Washington Redskins, Panini America has that too:

0 thoughts on “A Look At Robert Griffin III’s Rookie Card

  1. It is faked, that’s what ‘putting [them] in the jerseys of the teams that drafted them’ means. They’re not trying to fool anyone. They’re just trying to beat everyone to the market.


  2. Horrible attempt. The Skins have not worn white-on-white in a few years and hopefully never do again…Burgundy and Gold are our colors and should be worn proudly, not a bland, whitewashed uniform.

    The jersey is a Reebok, as proven by the NFL Equipment shield under the collar. Nike uses just the NFL shield alone. Reebok’s sleeve striping where the burgundy doesn’t go all the way around the sleeve is there too, unless Nike has duplicated the same sloppiness in their striping.

    Bad stripes on the pants as pointed out too.

    The lighting on the helmet looks cartoonish too. I have seen photoshops online that blow this away. Panini could have saved a lot of time by contacting one of those artists and asked for permission to use one of them and probably saved some cash over paying staff to churn out a bad product like this.

    It just looks amateur and unprofessional.


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