Earnhardt Jr. ‘Pumped’ For Robert Griffin III


Although the NASCAR season is still in its early stages, the driver of the No. 88 car was already looking forward to next season before he took to the Richmond International Speedway last weekend.

The next football season, that is.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a lifelong Redskins fan, and is known to have the team’s scores and stats relayed to him via radio during the caution in a race.  He has also been a guest of the team to practice and training camp in the past.

Gary Graves of the USAToday caught up with Earnhardt Jr. on Friday morning, and asked him how he felt about the No. 2 overall pick:

“I hope it’s a good deal and hope the ‘Skins are successful.  I hope that Robert’s successful.”

“He seems like a good guy. It’ll be fun to be a Redskins fan and see how that plays out this year and see how well he does. I know all the Redskins fans are excited and expecting big things, and so am I.”

Interestingly enough, the road to redemption is similar between the driver and the team, even if one is paved with asphalt and the other in field turf.  Earnhardt Jr. has finished six of the last eight races in the top-10, and believes that years of struggles may finally be turning around:

“You always go into every season hoping for the best, and trying to justify the players and the position they’re in, what the team’s potential can be, wishing them to the playoffs and justifying how that might happen.”

“And then the season plays itself out. This year’s no different.”

Come to think of it, that’s a good outlook for NASCAR or football.  Let’s hope that both parties have something to be excited about by next November.

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