Josh LeRibeus, His Mom, And Twitter

Redskins third-round pick (71st overall) pick Josh LeRibeus proved in his introductory conference call that he’s quite a character.

Among other frank descriptions, he likened losing 70 pounds in college to losing “a toddler off the side of my belly.”  That’s a huge toddler.

But as proud as LeRibeus is to join the Redskins, no one in the world is prouder than his mother, Debbie.  Josh is a bit of an amateur on Twitter (@JLeRibeus), but Debbie already has close to 32,000 tweets to her credit.  Among them, were some shout-outs to the welcome from Redskins Nation, as well as photos of Josh on draft night.

Sadly, no audio of this phone call exists, but here’s a picture of Josh on the couch at home, accepting the happy news from the Redskins’ coaching staff:

via @rosesandcyanide

Shortly after the selection was made, Josh found his best burgundy polo and a Redskins cap for a photo shoot in the kitchen.  As his mother would later note, it’s not easy to find Redskins memorabilia in Dallas:

via @rosesandcyanide

And here’s the ensuing couple shot with Josh and his girlfriend, Naomi:

via @rosesandcyanide

Followed by a picture with Josh’s high school football coaches, on hand to celebrate the exciting evening with the family:

via @rosesandcyanide

Followed by his first official autograph signing for Redskins gear.  It’s only right that his first pro autograph should go to mom:

Perhaps the best part of the entire photo series was when Debbie finally did find Redskins gear for the whole family.  This was a shot of his younger sister going to a Dallas-area school on Monday morning.  I’m sure that went over well with the Cowboys fans:

via @rosesandcyanide

Judging from his first 100 hours as a Redskin, Josh is going to be a lot of fun to watch, both on and off the field.  For the record, he already has established nicknames of “Kung-Fu Panda” and “X-Box 360” from his time at SMU.

According to tweeters and blog commenters after the pick, his celebrity doppelgangers include comedians John Belushi and Artie Lange.

If he’s half as funny as those two–which he seems to be–I can’t wait to meet this guy.

0 thoughts on “Josh LeRibeus, His Mom, And Twitter

  1. Congratulations on becoming a Redskin and I am gald to see some Redskins fans in Dallas 🙂 Look forward to cheering for you and the Skins, HTTR!


  2. I love how it says it’s difficult to find Redskins gear in Dallas, because it’s almost easier to find Cowboys gear in Washington than it is to find Redskins gear here too!

    Also, that Redskins hat is a sweet hat. I think they stopped making them awhile back. It’s hard to find a good hat like that one anymore. Maybe I need to start shopping for Redskins gear in Dallas.


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