Griffin III Is An Honorary D.C. Fútbol Player

via @RedskinsPR

If you think Redskins fans are the only Washingtonians excited about the arrival of Robert Griffin III, you may want to check with the new inhabitants of RFK Stadium.

The fine folks at Major League Soccer’s D.C. United put together a welcome video for Griffin III, featuring the 2011 Golden Boot scoring champion, Dwayne De Rosario.  In the video, De Rosario holds up an authentic D.C. United game jersey with “Griffin III” printed on the back.

On Sunday after rookie mini-camp practice, Griffin III was given that jersey as a housewarming gift, and was thrilled to see his preferred name and draft number.  Is it any coincidence that in soccer, the No. 10 is always the most important player on the pitch?

I think not.

Thanks to D.C. United for the kind gesture, and enjoy the welcome video from De Rosario, below:

0 thoughts on “Griffin III Is An Honorary D.C. Fútbol Player

  1. we don’t care about soccer though you keep trying to use our favorite FOOTBALL team to shove every other agenda down our throats! I’m a DC native, LOVE our REDSKINS number one…LOVE our CAPS! though we just got the NATS support them too! DC united?? F off who cares


    • @bduncanscott–

      YOU may not care about soccer, but don’t speak for an entire community of DC sports fans. It was a fine gesture by DCU, and if you were a true DC sports fan, you should be able to appreciate that. Sorry to have offended you with the idea that other people are excited for Robert’s arrival in Washington. Oh wait…no I’m not.


  2. A true fan lol dude you’ve no idea… I’ve been deep behind the scenes in DC sports while you have watched from the outside. What That means is you have NO clue of the marketing and advertising and the over all BS of the business side of things.. Sounds like you’re another band wagoner who just takes what is shoved down your throat, congrats then i’m sure “soccer” is just great for you and explains why you don’t question why to promote it they are ALWAYS linking it to the most popular sport in town NFL Football…The REDSKINS, now for you who can’t see through the fog people. Only reason Soccer is being played at FED EX is good business sense, place has to bring in money. But they’ve been using the skins to try and help establish soccer in the DC area for a long time…The reason why they would do that is because “NOBODY GIVES A **** ABOUT SOCCER!!” Do the Math if it were popular it wouldn’t need help! SOO all you “i played soccer in highschool” folk trying to relive the dream need to realize that even in Europe they will never take an American team seriously. So please stop taking yourself seriously…. I do love me some RG3 !!!!


    • @bduncanscott–

      So therefore…what’s the issue? It’s not me taking myself too seriously–read what you’re writing. I understand the economics of sports, especially in DC, but it doesn’t negate the importance of the gesture. If it’s something that Griffin III appreciated, why is that a bad thing? I would never choose soccer over football, but I’m not in the business of denouncing a group that goes out of their way to make my star player feel welcome. And what’s wrong with that?


  3. But De Rosario didn’t do that by himself it was initiated by the DC united org hence the pre printed T-shirt, therefore ‘MARKETING” with in lame mens terms means ********! It’s like a politician kissing baby’s sure it looks nice but it’s just fake **** to push ones “own” agenda. De Rosario funny name and the accent he has leads me to reason he’s not even form the US let alone DC… weird…


    • @bduncanscott–

      Dude, you gotta watch the language. If you’re that paranoid about ulterior motives, then nothing I say is going to comfort your fears. Just accept that not every story is for every reader.


  4. Somebody has some deep insecurities…

    Washington sports support Washington sports. It doesn’t hurt to appeal to and support everyone. They support each other in competing for entertainment dollars. Simply welcoming a player to town and giving them a jersey isn’t forcing you to like, support or watch DC United or soccer. Also, telling someone who writes for the Official Redskins blog that they “have NO clue of the marketing and advertising” and are watching “from the outside” is golden.

    Two more thoughts:
    1) The version uploaded to youtube by DC United before the Draft is better quality.
    2) Futbol is Spanish. Football is English. Soccer was a term coined by the Brits as a shorter way of saying Association Football


  5. It’s not paranoia it’s called the truth, I speak from inside knowledge. But some are very happy living in weak ultra conservative mediocracy so I won’t pop your dull courageless balloon. GO DC UNITED!!! Woo Hoo!


  6. Have some courage to not be a slave to the media and to like what “you” like and speak how “you” speak, anything less is just trying to be “acceptable to everyone” which reeks of falseness and insincerity.


  7. Wow – I never knew this Blog was the place for “Breaking News” I go to other outlets that will post rumors and such for that… stuff here gets posted when its verified and also fun stuff that involves the Redskins and anyone with connections to the Redskins (Players, wives, etc…)

    So if you don’t wanna read the fun stuff – you know, RG3 being given a jersey, Cooley and Fred Davis racing on tricycles on ice at a Caps game, all the side stuff ESPN and others wouldn’t post – then don’t bother reading. I for one think Tinsman does a great job and I enjoy reading the other articles you can’t find on ESPN and such.


  8. Yea DC United is really struggling to fill RFK stadium…Or hold the most titles in the MLS.

    Not to mention more american players are being looked at and taken into European leagues thanks to the MLS. From a guy who talks with inside really have NO CLUE about Soccer in the states…

    Just a freaking article and a nice note* on the topic. Just like Fletcher taking the boys to the Caps Games. Not to mention this is like the only place the article was published so obviously is not all media attention for DC United but simply one Organization showing support (even if they are the little guy). Just cause you hate soccer doesn’t mean your Bias’ed opinion is accurate just because your a “naitive to DC” also doesn’t mean you have “inside” information.


  9. Are you serious Bduncan? Just because you don’t like a particular sport, you tell the franchise to f*ck off, and everyone involved with it? You f*ck off. Hell, admittedly, I’ve never watched a whole soccer/futbol game in my life, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll act like an ass about it. They are excited about Griffin, and it’s a cool gesture to give him a jersey. Relax.


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