Preview: Redskins 80th Anniversary Bus

[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”970725/redskins_2012-05-06-093925.895.m4v”]


In anticipation of the team’s 80th anniversary season and celebration, the Redskins have rolled out the 80th anniversary bus, which currently resides at Redskins Park.

Much more exciting news to come on the anniversary celebration in the coming week, but Redskins Facebook got the exclusive first video of the bus, and we’re sharing it with you here on the blog.

Just as a note, the Redskins domain will go live in a couple days, so don’t distress if it comes up blank right now.  All of that will be unveiled later this week.  Stay tuned to Redskins.comTV for full details!

0 thoughts on “Preview: Redskins 80th Anniversary Bus

  1. My comment is for the editor of the Redskins blog. I love the content but I as a webmaster thought that I would make a suggestion. You might want to start uploading videos without the autoplay. Currently there are two videos that are on autoplay and one is in the middle of the blog. So the user has to turn one of em off in order to view the other one. I usually just keep them off and allow the user to hit play to view the. I’m in no way trying to be critical or a know it all. Just thought I would make the suggestion to help out!


    • @Steven–

      A most-astute observation. Tragically, the service that we use to host the videos has been undergoing major renovations, so the technology is a bit on the fritz. Sometimes the videos autoplay, sometimes they do not. My guess is that there’s a new way to control that and it hasn’t been implemented yet. BUT! I will look it up, just for you buddy. HTTR


  2. Reblogged this on Gard Rotmo's Blog and commented:
    Dette innlegget burde alle lese, om å fokusere på det positive. Strengt tatt havner vel de færreste i Italia. Det handler om å erkjenne hvor man har havna, og nyte Rembrandt og vindmøller, kanaler og tulipaner. Takk for godt innlegg, Trollmor


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