Redskins Tour Hits Shenandoah County

The Redskins 80th Anniversary Bus Tour hits the road for the second day of a summer of thank you’s.  Check out the story on the main page for updates throughout the day, and stories on Redskins Tim Hightower and company, former Redskins linebacker Sam Huff, and Redskins general manager Bruce Allen.

Today, the gang travels to Shenandoah County, Va.  Here are the photos from the first two stops of the day:

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0 thoughts on “Redskins Tour Hits Shenandoah County

  1. I was overwhelmed with emotion as I witnessed the genuine support from these guys and ladies with our cancer survivors at the Relay For Life of Shenandoah County. Forever in my memory will be the vision of those ladies giving sweet hugs to our little guys, our childhood cancer survivors…..and those who are still fighting their battle. Thank you ….Kitty Miller, co-chair of Relay For Life in Shenandoah County.


  2. The thanks goes to you, Washington Redskins, for visiting Shenandoah County! What a great group of people you all are. We were all touched by your kindness to our citizens, especially those who are battling tough health challenges. You were enthusiastic and even though you had a long day and it was really hot, you never lost your passion for what you were doing or why you were there. Hail to the Redskins! Thanks again!


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