Redskins Superfans Get Hugs From Bruce

During today’s 80th road show stop at Naval station Norfolk, the Redskins were introduced to Freda Smith and Yvonne Livingston–unapologetic Redskins fans and “lifelong BFF’s” (best friends forever).

Freda and Yvonne told me that they were the first fans to arrive outside the theater this morning, lining up outside the building at 8 a.m. for an 11 a.m. show.  They first made their presence known when they entered the C-9 theater, singing ‘Hail to the Redskins’ and celebrating the Burgundy and Gold.  The real fun began when emcee Amanda Mitchell opened the floor up to any fans that wanted to come up on stage and interact with the players.

Redskins players and general manager Bruce Allen were given an up-close look at how big of fans they actually were.  Enjoy:

0 thoughts on “Redskins Superfans Get Hugs From Bruce

  1. Thank you, WASHINGTON REDSKINS TEAM MATES, CHEERLEADERS, COACHES, TRAINING STAFF, UPPER MANAGEMENT and last but not least a special thank you to Mr. Bruce Allen, and MWR for the allowing the Best Team (SKINS) to come to Naval Station Norfolk. I really enjoyed being up close and personal . I am your number 1# fan as you saw. We are going all the way SUPER BOWL BOUND. We as FANS support “THE SKINS” . I have been a Skins Fan since I was 12 years old. I am proud to say, I am 54 years old.I raised my son up to be a Skins fan and now he’s raising his children up as Redskin Fans. I have been to all the BEACH BLITZ’S, Some games, wishing I could buy season passes but I do what I can do to support my Skins.Keep on doing what you all are doing. RG111, I want to give you a special WELCOME THE BEST TEAM IN AMERICA ” THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS”. Thank you for picking the Best!!! 🙂 Well, TRUE, RIDE or DIE FANS ” HAIL TO THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS” Make this a WINNING SEASON!!! LOVE YOU GUYS @ GALS.<3<3<3<3<3<3
    P.S. Mr. Allen if you have couples of tickets( for me @ my bff) laying around like in the desk drawer, i would love to take them off your hands!!!! Love, Freda Smith #1 FAN in Norfolk, Va


  2. Mr. Bruce we (myself & Freda) thank you and all your staff for the fun on Friday6/8/12. It was one of my well spent off days….support & fun make a good team like we have.Thanks for our new QB he wont let us down and neither will our defense.Once again thanks for bringing them to my home Norfolk Va. and I hope I will be able to support them even better in FedEx field this season!!……Shareing that #1 fan spot with me bff Yvonne phatskin fan


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