Rookie Skits: Cousins Clowns Shanahan

AP Image

What is the saving grace of a mid-round pick doing a spot-on impersonation of his head coach during rookie skits?

It’s a good thing that coach likes him.

Rookie quarterback Kirk Cousins donned the trademark Mike Shanahan business casual outfit: golf shirt, khaki pants, and loafers without socks.  He parted his typically unruly hair with a comb and hair gel, and got that perfect Superman quaff before taking the stage.

The best part?  The young quarterback roped in two of his offensive linemen as cohorts (or protection).  For the purposes of the skit, undrafted center Nick Martinez played the role of Paul Kelly, director of football operations, while soft-spoken tackle Tom Compton played the role of eccentric tight end Shannon Sharpe.

Tragically, footage of the skit does not exist (and replications would be cheap), but according to all involved, it was one of the best they’ve ever seen.  Especially to the man being impersonated.

Check out the recap:

[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”1093790/csn_2012-08-01-201230.1535.m4v”]


It sounds like Cousins and Co. managed to ride the fine line between giving the veteran players the entertainment that they want and preserving any good graces with his boss.  As much as fans would love to see Cousins impersonate Shanahan, it’s probably best left in the meeting room at Redskins Park.

All’s well that ends well, Kirk–just make sure you play extra well against Buffalo.

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