The Story Behind Those #RG3 Sign Guys

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You saw them on the Redskins Twitter account on draft night.  You saw them when the NFL Network and ESPN panned the crowd at Radio City Music Hall.  You saw them the next morning on the front page of the Washington Post.  You’ve now seen them again at Redskins Training Camp.

Just who the HTTR are the guys with the #RG3 signs?

Meet the two sets of brothers, who also happen to be cousins: Phillip LeMaster, 15 (#), John Rader, 17 (R), Jordan LeMaster, 16 (G), and Andrew Rader, 19 (3).  Apparently the Rader brothers are the creative genius behind the social-media-turned-real-world signs, but needed the LeMasters for execution.

“We found out we were gonna go to the draft in New York–the first time we’ve ever been to the draft,” Andrew said.  “We always like getting on TV, ’cause we’re kids, I guess, so we decided to make these signs.”

I can appreciate the self-promotional honesty.

“I knew it had to be something original.  It had to be something you could relate to,” Andrew continued, “so we added the hashtag, ‘cause everybody’s into Twitter now, so everybody recognizes RG3.”

Andrew spoke for the group when he said they were pretty tickled with the fruits of their labor, as they were the face of the Robert Griffin III-mania on Draft Weekend.

Andrew’s cousin Phillip added: “We didn’t think everyone would be asking us for photos, so it’s been pretty big,” he said. “[The publicity] feels just fantastic.  I haven’t really been on TV this much, so it’s pretty good.”

Phillip’s brother Jordan was excited to be at training camp, having never seen a rookie quarterback start for his favorite football team.

“It’s awesome seeing a rookie quarterback here,” Jordan said.  “I’ve never really experienced that ‘cause I’m not really old enough.  It’s cool to see a second-overall pick that they traded all these picks away just to get.”

Jordan’s cousin John said the signs have gotten such a great reaction out of fellow fans and the media, why not keep it rolling into the regular season?

“We’ll be at the games,” John stated, emphatically.  “I don’t know how many yet, but we’ll be up there in the mid-level on an end zone, so you should look out for us.”

I’ll keep my eyes out for you guys.  Hail to the Fans.


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