Was Griffin III Robbed Of Perfection?

Via @LL_HTTR247

You can decide for yourself.

Last night against the Buffalo Bills, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was credited with four completions on six attempts, for 70 yards and a touchdown.  Using whatever convoluted system they use to factor QB ratings, NFL mathematicians credited Griffin III with a 145.8 rating–an NFL best among preseason performances.

But videographic evidence seems to suggest that during the opening drive, receiver Pierre Garçon actually had two feet in-bounds on his reception, before going out of bounds.  The play was incorrectly ruled incomplete on the field, leading to a Sav Rocca punt.

Had the call gone in the Redskins’ favor, Griffin III’s final line might have been five-for-six for 84 yards and a touchdown, which calculates out to a perfect 158.3 QB rating in his Redskins debut.

This also adjusts Garçon’s numbers to four receptions for 72 yards and a touchdown, for an equally impressive Redskins’ debut.

Listen–mistakes happen, and there’s no reason for head coach Mike Shanahan to waste a challenge on a play like that in a game like this.  There will be many more important throws that Griffin III will be entrusted to make in his Redskins career, and there were plenty of other feel-good moments for the rookie.

But considering he and Garçon executed the necessary play to earn the perfect rating, proper accolades are in order.

Way to go, guys!

(Credit goes to @LL_HTTR247 for the first photo).

0 thoughts on “Was Griffin III Robbed Of Perfection?

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  2. You don’t have to be a replacement ref to figure out that was a completion. Is there any idea when the lockout should end? Hopefully before the regular season?


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  4. Lucky for us it was a preseason game. The positiive of this play was that RGIII made a throw look pretty easy that many quaterbacks make look pretty hard.. The out route is often the hardest pass to complete. LETS GO SKINS !!


  5. I feel RG lll will be great,….Have you notice he looks alot like Eddie Murphy when he smiles,…….Redskin Fan for Life!!!!


  6. Am I the only person who notices the greatest thing about this photo? Look at the separation between Garçon and the closets reciever. With the great route running of Garçon and accurate passing of RGIII, this separation should be a weekly occurence.


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