Banks Vs. Morgan: Slam Dunk Contest

It’s scary to think that there are athletes talented enough to go pro at more than one sport in their careers.

Notre Dame wide receiver Jeff Samardzija had top-10 NFL draft talent, but possessed a 99 MPH fastball, which led him to Major League Baseball.  Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden pitched for four seasons in the minor leagues before going back to play college football.  Tony Romo fancies himself a golfer, but…I’ll leave that one alone.

Classic success stories include Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson, who had a chance to be teammates–had Sanders signed with the Kansas City Royals as the sixth-round pick in 1985.  Sanders remains the only athletes to ever hit a professional homerun and score a professional touchdown in the same week.

And then there are Redskins receivers Brandon Banks and Joshua Morgan, who are really good at…football.  Maybe not only football, but certainly not basketball; at least not at today’s Hometown Huddle Play 60 event.

Here is footage of an impromptu slam dunk contest that was doomed to failure:

The contest began as the pair stood outside of Hollywood Elementary school in College Park, Md.  Students were still being lined up inside, and Morgan grabbed a basketball from the recess supplies, shooting a few shots with average accuracy.

Banks, a noted friend of Washington Wizard John Wall, asked for the ball and dared anyone to doubt his ability to dunk.  Morgan chuckled at the notion, which was enough to force Banks’s hand.  The results were mixed.

On the one hand, Banks (listed at 5-7) did not reach the rim of the 10-foot hoop, meaning that he did not, in fact, dunk the basketball.  On the other hand, his layup was worth two points, and no one in the NBA would be able to block his speed to the basket.  Result: Good shot, bad dunk.

Morgan (listed at 6-1) possesses marginal NBA height and used it to put himself in position, before clanking the shot off the rim.  Style points are exciting, but finishing the shot is a necessary part of, y’know, basketball.  Result: Good dunk, bad shot.

Alas, today’s exhibition shed no light on which Redskins player could be the next two-sport athlete.  But given the importance of football prowess, I doubt any Redskins fans will mind.

0 thoughts on “Banks Vs. Morgan: Slam Dunk Contest

  1. Mr. Morgan and Mr. Banks,
    What a wonderful suprise and important message given to the students at Hollywood Elementary. Thank you to the United Way for this fun filled afternoon for all of us. Fun, Fly and Fit was Awesome!!


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