Mrs. Shanahan On Redskins’ Return Game

Brandon Banks

Win, lose or draw, head coach Mike Shanahan understands the most basic principle of life in the NFL: everyone is an expert.  Especially in the age of fantasy football, Madden video games and instant replay, fans have taken their two cents to a whole new level.

So it should come as no surprise that Shanahan can’t escape the Monday morning quarterbacks, even in his own house.  And I’ll give you a hint–it’s not coming from Kyle.

Peggy Shanahan, wife of Mike Shanahan, has been partner to her husband’s football career for several decades. She rarely makes the headlines in Washington, but came up during a press conference earlier this week after Brandon Banks decided to return a punt from two yards deep in the end zone, and was tackled at the 7-yard line.

“He obviously made a bad decision,” Shanahan said of Banks.  “My wife told me that wasn’t a good decision.”

Shanahan got a good chuckle out of the media, something he enjoys doing with his patented deadpan delivery. All joking aside, Shanahan made clear that Banks needs to make better decisions, or his job as returner is in jeopardy.

“Brandon by all means knows that was a poor decision so you just can’t make those mistakes,”  Shanahan said.  “You have to eliminate those mistakes and if you make too many of them then you are not returning punts or kicks anymore.”

Banks has 23 punt returns for 157 yards this season, with an average of just 6.8 yards and a long of 27.   He has had greater success on kick returns, where he has 21 returns for 507 yards this season, with an average of 24.1 yards per return and a long of 55 yards.

What do you think about the team’s situation at punt returner?


0 thoughts on “Mrs. Shanahan On Redskins’ Return Game

  1. not to be too hash on any Skins players but B.Banks should not be returning punts. His size isn’t formidable and his speed isn’t top notch. He’s pretty decent-good in kick returns but every punt return I cringe cause i may see that fella fly 20 yards backwards.


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  3. When he get the ball he always move backwards to lose yards something he gotta stop doing nd on kick-offs it seems he dont use his full speed until after he pass the 10 yard line do he know the faster he run the more yards he gonna pickup …if u wanna get rid of him trade him to get something good in return…like i said during the off-season i think brandon banks can be a good wide reciever i dont think punt returns fit him with his speed he can get open fast


  4. I would much rather see them trade Banks and replace him with Cundiff or someone that can consistantly kick knockoffs out of the end zone. Return man is not that important anymore


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