Jerry Jones Plays Redskins Fan Last Night

Jerry Jones, Mike Shanahan

Cue up “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” and buckle up, because things are getting weird in the NFC East.

After a 38-33 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Night Football, the Dallas Cowboys woke up Monday morning as strange bedfellows with the Washington Redskins ahead of their Monday Night matchup with the division-leading New York Giants.

While a Redskins win would keep the Cowboys tied for second place in the NFC East, a Giants’ win would extend their division lead to two games with four games to go.  As heinous as it may sound to cheer on your arch-rival, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones swallowed his pride and cheered on your Washington Redskins (via Kareem Copeland, NFL):

“We couldn’t believe Redskins was coming out of (our) mouths,” Jones said during a KRLD interview reported by’s Calvin Watkins.

The ironic part is that 24 hours before, Redskins Nation was solidly united behind the Eagles, who had a chance to knock off the Cowboys in an upset win on the road.  No hard feeling from Jones, however, who gave a tip of the cap to the Redskins for keeping his team only one game out of first place.

“That was a big win for them and us.”

Especially for the Redskins.

With a win, the Redskins maintain their hunt for the playoffs and gain more control over their postseason destiny.  Playoff scenarios are premature after 12 games, but here is a basic outline: if the Redskins run the table, they will possess a 5-1 division record, the first tie-breaker for playoff consideration.  With a 10-6 record, they need a Giants loss to win the division crown, or follow several scenarios to one of the wild cards.

All of these scenarios involve the Redskins beating the Dallas Cowboys at FedExField in Week 17, which will make Jones cringe when he thinks back on cheering for the Redskins last night.  As a self-respecting, die-hard Redskins fan, could you ever cheer for the Dallas Cowboys?  Why or why not?

0 thoughts on “Jerry Jones Plays Redskins Fan Last Night

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  2. It’s obvious that, with the right players and innovative coaches, aspects of the college game CAN be played at the professional level with success. It was fun watching the NYG defensive ends get fooled by RGIII. Kuddos to the entire Redskin staff and players.

    A Steeler Fan


  3. Hail No! We have a minimum of two Superbowl equivalent games each year, against Dallas. The cowgirls are our arch enemies! They only received the chance to become a NFL team because our fight song was held captive! When the Redskins aren’t playing the cowgirls I am an ABC fan (Anyone But Cowgirls)! Jerry Jones finally accepts the fact that his team is inferior. What size hat do you wear Jerry? I’ll personally deliver it to you and we can start painting arrows through those stars in that stadium of yours ;0)


  4. no i could never cheer for the cowboys even if that meant that we were out of the race for playoffs. Its just not in my blood or nature.


  5. This is a loaded question. If, for some reason, a Cowboys win would launch the Redskins into the playoffs, then I would hope that the Cowboys win. I wouldn’t watch the game or cheer for them, but my hate for the Cowboys takes a back seat to my dedication to the ‘Skins.


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