Manley Grills The Hogettes (Circa 2010)

Fullscreen capture 1132013 63759 PM

Former Redskins defensive end Dexter Manley knows how to bring the pressure, delivering 103.5 sacks during his illustrious 14-year career.

After his time in Washington, he spent time with the Phoenix Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and in the CFL, but Manley remains an icon of the Redskins’ glory years, and will be forever remembered in the burgundy and gold.

Several years ago, Manley had a side project called “Dexter’s Rush Hour,” a 30-minute show that took fans inside the world of football, and deeper inside the mind of the Secretary of Defense. The show didn’t last long, but did yield some gem interviews, including a sweet sit-down interview with some of the more influential members of the Hogettes.

It’s a quality Q&A, but is probably highlighted by the age-old Hogettes question: “What does your spouses and your grand-kids think about you wearing dresses?”

Find out, after the jump:

Good question from Pawpaw Dexter, and some good insight from Boss Hogette and Co.

The Redskins are losing a little piece of the gameday experience with the retirement of the Hogettes, but as Manley can attest: once a member of Redskins Nation, always a member.




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