Alexander Plays NFL Expert, Convincingly


Lorenzo Alexander is one of the few Redskins players to ever win the Media Good Guy award multiple years, and did so in both 2011 and 2012. Alexander has a well-deserved reputation for offering honest, thoughtful insight into his life and his role with the Washington Redskins.

So it should come as no surprise that the “One Man Gang” can handle himself comfortably on camera, providing CSN Washington with a player’s perspective in the lead-up to this weekend’s NFL Championship action.

Alexander has the benefit of having played each of the four remaining teams at home in the last two seasons, with the San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots in 2011 and the Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons in 2012.

He speaks with the poise and confidence of a veteran newscaster, and has a second career in sports if he so chooses.

Hear what he had to say, below:

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On the Ravens:

When we played them, I thought they were hitting on all cylinders very well. Torrey Smith was able to stretch the field, Ray Rice had a great game against us. In our game, we came out winning the turnover battle, which is key in any game, especially the playoffs. But they’re playing very well right now, [Joe] Flacco is doing an awesome job. Obviously, everyone is going around Ray Lewis and everything he represents, especially with this being his last season.

I think [Rice] is the key; he makes everyone better around him. When he gets 20 touches or more, their record is phenomenal. The more he touches it, the more he opens things up for Flacco to be able to go downfield to Torrey Smith.

[Flacco] is a big quarterback, big arm, very accurate. I think what he’s been able to do, especially during the playoffs, I remember one play in particular where he is able to extend plays. Find ways up through the pocket, roll out, then get the ball deep to open receivers. As he continues to improve in that area, he’ll be able to get even better and win.

On the Patriots:

I’ve been going back and forth on this all week, and it’s hard, because Baltimore is playing some good football. But any time you see Tom Brady and Bill Belichick  together, it’s hard to say. But I’m gonna go with the Patriots…and I’m really still on the fence, but I’m gonna go with the Patriots.

On the Falcons:

Nobody has any respect for them, because over the last several years in the playoffs, they’ve been one-and-done. So I think it’s something that people are looking back over their body work and not really respecting that.

On the 49ers:

hey’re going up against a great 49ers’ defense and that man [Colin] Kaepernick on the offensive side, who looks a lot like Robert Griffin [III]. They’ve been running a lot of plays that we run offensively and just being able to bust it wide open. Two hundred-plus yards running and passing? Anytime you’re facing a guy like that, the other team may be an underdog, automatically.

I’m going 49ers. I’m a [San Francisco] Bay-area guy, I grew up a 49ers fan. I don’t root for ’em, but I’m definitely going to go for them.

So much like his teammates and friend London Fletcher, Alexander is predicting a 49ers-Patriots Super Bowl. For all of the aforementioned reasons and his own personal experience, he is well-justified in that position.

For what it’s worth, the Ravens beat the Patriots in Week 3, with Flacco passing for 382 yards, Rice rushing for 101 yards and Smith receiving 127 yards. The Falcons and 49ers will face each other for the first time this season on Sunday afternoon.




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