Griffin III: Sporting News Rookie Of Year

(AP photo)

(AP photo)

Anyone getting sick of reading about awards for Robert Griffin III? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Sporting News has announced the 2012 NFL Rookie of the Year award, and it should come as no surprise that Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is the recipient. Griffin III was selected from a rookie class that included three playoff starting quarterbacks and two stud running backs, including teammate Alfred Morris.

Of the 800 voters, Griffin III received 363 votes, followed by Colts qaurterback Andrew Luck (213), Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (124) and Buccaneers running back Doug Martin (57).

Rather than bore you with the same statistical comparison that we’ve offered for every other award, let’s review the superlatives that Sporting News writer Clifton Brown gives No. 10:His lede sets the stage for glowing review:

Statistics don’t measure Robert Griffin III’s total impact on a game. They also don’t measure his importance to his franchise or his popularity in the nation’s capital and beyond.

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Brown raises an interesting point: how do you measure the total impact of a player?

Before Griffin III ever arrived via the No. 2 overall pick in Washington, the Redskins blogosphere craved the Heisman winner. Photoshop worked overtime pasting him into No. 10 burgundy and gold jerseys, throwing to all manner of fantasy Redskins’ receivers.

After his arrival, the product matched the hype, as fans turned out in droves to see him at Training Camp and the preseason games.

After the greatest statistical debut in NFL history, Griffin III’s stock burst through to a new level, and his jersey sales led the entire NFL for the 2012 season.

Not only was his wildly popular in Redskins Nation, he was the new face for the NFL as a whole, and was embraced by players and fans around the league.

Skimming further down Brown’s piece, here are some highlights:

He put fear in opponents, who knew facing Griffin was like facing lightning ready to strike.

He ran the read option like an orchestra conductor, throwing accurate darts to his receivers while darting through the secondary with sprinter’s speed.

This we can count on: Griffin will do everything in his power to pick up where he left off. His rookie season was special.

Brown is a seasoned sports writer, writing for the New York Times for 19 years before moving to Sporting News. Flowery writing is often criticized by media purists (and Internet trolls), but Brown has the experience and clout to say it convincingly.

Regardless of where Griffin III’s career goes from here, everyone should be able to agree that his rookie season was something special to behold.




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