Alexander Prepared For First Pro Bowl Trip

Alexander Pro Bowl

Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexander understands that the key to success is through preparation.  Throughout the offseason he prepares himself to be stronger and faster than the year before. During the season, he prepares himself to be the best player on gameday.

And when he finishes off a career year that leads the NFL in special teams tackles, he solicits advice on how to be ready for his first career Pro Bowl.

The first person he talked to was teammate London Fletcher, who will be joining Alexander for his fourth-straight trip to the Pro Bowl. Like Alexander, Fletcher was snubbed until later in his career, when he finally got the respect from his peers to make the trip to Hawaii.

But that’s about where the respect element ends, at least as far as hotel room charges in concerned.

“The biggest thing is to not give out your room number,” Alexander said, parroting Fletcher’s advice. “It’s like a tradition to get the rookies, the first-time Pro Bowlers, to pay for everything.”

The key to avoiding these charges in simple strategy, Alexander explained.

“Based on what [Redskins tight end Chris] Cooley told me though, is as long as you’re not at the bar, those guys tell the bartender charge to room 405 and guys kind of come up and see what room number you are and start charging you,” he said. “That’s not going to happen to me.”

No rookie dues for the eight-year veteran, who will be accompanied by his wife, Majanique, on the trip.

“Me and the front desk are going to have some issues. I’m going to have to warn them,” he said with a chuckle. “I’m not paying for nobody’s stuff. I’m not a big baller yet.”

But that’s not to say Alexander doesn’t enjoy the due process of being a rookie.

Before Fletcher and Kerrigan were added to the roster as Super Bowl replacements, Alexander said he and teammate Trent Williams were planning on making NFL rookie Robert Griffin III pay for everything while they were down there.

“Our plan was to get Robert [Griffin III] to pay for everything,” he said with a smile. “Get the true rookie to do it.”

photo (27)

Alexander said this will be his first trip to Hawaii, and he intends to make the most of it while he is there. When not practicing, enjoying the mid-70’s temperatures, goofing around, napping under a palm tree, or strolling on the beach with his wife, Alexander intends to do some site-seeing in paradise.

“Just see the sites like Pearl Harbor, the Dole Plantation–I heard that’s pretty cool,” he said. “I heard Disney is nice. They’ve got like a little private lagoon that is sharkless. So I might go snorkeling in that.”

Can we expect to see the One Man Gang hanging 10 on a longboard, bro?

“I don’t like big water. Even if I’m on a boat I don’t really like it,” he said flatly. “I’m more of a lake guy. In a lake I can pretty much tell you there’s fish, for the most part. There has been Bull Sharks to get up there, but that’s rare.”

If he wears that speedo, that should be sufficient to keep the sharks away.

Alexander showed me the speedo as he was packing his bags for the trip.  “This is just a gag gift, I wouldn’t actually wear this. C’mon man, you really think I would wear a speedo, especially one that’s six sizes too small?”

I certainly hope not.  It does match the NFC Pro Bowl uniforms though, so who knows.

Good luck, Lorenzo! We’ll catch up with you more, tomorrow.




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