Griffin III Honor Caps Off Red Carpet Affair

Robert Griffin III

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was the star of the show tonight, moving freely about the red carpet after his offseason knee surgery, and collecting the 2012 NFL AP Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

He was joined by fellow Redskins rookies Alfred Morris and Kirk Cousins, as well as team owner Daniel M. Snyder, who each took time to catch up with Redskins.comTV’s Larry Michael on the red carpet.

Check out a full video recap, below:

First, a word from Robert Griffin III before the presentation. Asked about his knee, Griffin III said: “I feel great. It’s truly a blessing to be able to be here and move around well.”

Snyder also caught up with Michael, and looked back on the team’s first NFC East Championship since 1999:

Backup quarterback Kirk Cousins was in the house as one of the NFL’s ‘Never Say Never’ nominees. Here was his take on his rookie season, and his role as the backup quarterback moving forward:


0 thoughts on “Griffin III Honor Caps Off Red Carpet Affair

  1. So, if you take over for a 5-8 QB and go 8-6 your rookie year, that’s better than a guy who takes over a 2-14 team and goes 11-5? Guess Luck should’ve focussed more on making commercials.


  2. @ robert griffin the turd:

    You are an idiot. The Redskins were 5-11 and had the worst offense in the league for many years running. in addition, did the other rookie gbs win a divisional crown? NO. Who had the least turnovers of the rookies? RG3. Who broke more records this year? RG3. Whose shoes are in Canton? RG3.

    So, please take your sour grapes home to your pathetic colts.


  3. @mr Turd up there! That team had one bad season out of the last 5 years! How long have we been down in the gutter? Luck is not better than RG3!


  4. No turd, if you’re a QB that takes a 2-14 team that tanked a season to pick you first over all and go 11-5, you should concentrate on NOT turning the ball over 24 times!!!! He may be a good QB but LUCK looked like a rookie while RG3 looked like a vet breaking several more records than Luck. You mad bro?! Why are you on this site anyway?? Is your name polo lmao


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