Rob Jackson: The Unwanted Leprechaun

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At 6-4, 266 pounds, freshly re-signed Washington Redskins outside linebacker Rob Jackson is an imposing physical specimen.

Now imagine for a moment that he dresses up like a leprechaun, sneaks into your home for St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans and malarkey, and then leaves as abruptly as he appeared.

That’s pretty much what the amusing folks over at Funny or Die came up with, in a segment that aired last night for the first time on ESPNU.

In case you missed it, check it out below:


Here’s hoping that with a brand new Redskins contract, Rob Jackson is a welcome addition to your St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Also, please remember to wear green. It’s pretty important.




0 thoughts on “Rob Jackson: The Unwanted Leprechaun

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  2. Will be celebrating the signing of Rob Jackson “during the wearing of the green”. Looking forward to seeing him wear the burgundy and gold throughout the 2013-14 Season!


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