Texans’ Kubiak Remembers Jack Pardee

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The NFL community includes more than 2,000 active players and coaches at any given time, making it one of the largest and most close-knit fraternities in the world.

This was illustrated earlier this week, as former Redskins player and head coach Jack Pardee was laid to rest at St. Michael Catholic Church in Houston, Texas. Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak has been busy preparing for the 2013 NFL Draft, but took time out of the office to attend the service.

Kubiak–the former right-hand man of Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan in Denver–met Pardee during his playing days at Texas A&M.

Pardee was a fellow Aggie alum and worked on the football staff during his coaching career. Both men remained faithful alumni afterward, and developed a bond that continued through the years.

Kubiak spoke with Nick Scurfield of the Texans website on Monday afternoon, sharing some kind words and reflections on Jack Pardee’s passing.

Gary Kubiak:

“I know [Pardee] from Texas A&M – he’s a great Aggie, former Aggie, and obviously his record as a coach and player speaks for itself. It was impressive today. He touched a lot of lives. There were a lot of familiar faces in the church today.”

“I was looking today at all the places he coached and his playing career and how he ended up with George Allen (with the Washington Redskins) as part of one of the first blockbuster trades in football,” Kubiak said. “His roots in football are tremendous throughout his life.”

“Great man and tremendous family.”

The article notes that the Kubiak and Pardee families were further intertwined during his time in Denver, when Kubiak’s sons and Pardee’s grandchildren went to the same schools.

While Pardee deserves credit for setting up the Washington Redskins for their success in the 1980s, his NFL legacy continues through the lives he touched around the league.




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