New Workout Numbers Have Been Chosen

(AP photo)

(AP photo)

Grab a No. 2 pencil and get ready to update your Washington Redskins’ offseason roster.

The Redskins equipment staff released the offseason workout jersey numbers for the following newcomers in Washington. No real surprises here, and really not much intrigue to speak of. As the roster is pared from 90 to the final 53, these numbers are a very fluid situation, so be forewarned before buying your No. 22 Korey Lindsey jersey.

That’s not a shot at Lindsey, just an acknowledgement that No. 22 running back Evan Royster might have something to say about that.

Without further ado, here is the full and complete list of offseason workout numbers for the new faces in Washington:

–Darryl Tapp, OLB, No. 54 (previously Nos. 91, 55)
–Pat White, QB, No. 5 (previously No. 6)
–E.J. Biggers,
CB, No. 30 (previously No. 31)
–Jeremy Trueblood,
OT, No. 69 (previously No. 65)
–Tony Pashos,
OT, No. 77 (previously No. 79)
–Ron Brace,
NT. No 97 (previously Nos. 97, 92)
–Phillip Merling,
DE, No. 93 (previously Nos. 69, 94, 97)
–Korey Lindsey,
DB, No. 22 (previously Nos. 42, 32, 38)
–Ricky Elmore,
OLB, No. 51 (previously Nos. 58, 57)
–Devin Holland,
DB, No. 34 (previously Nos. 30, 2)

For those of you who may have missed it, cornerback Richard Crawford also annexed the No. 20 (he was previously No. 39), carrying on his tradition of changing his number every year. Seriously.

As it currently sits, there are only three duplicate numbers on the roster, which is fine considering offensive players wear white practice jerseys with burgundy lettering, and defensive players wear burgundy jerseys with white lettering.

–No. 22: Evan Royster, RB; Korey Lindsey, DB.
–No. 25: Keiland Williams, RB; Chase Minnifield, CB.
–No. 45: Dorson Boyce, FB; Jerome Murphy, CB.

For the full list of Redskins roster numbers and facts, please visit the team’s official roster page.

For other critical updates like these, please follow @Redskins on Twitter. It sure beats paying attention at work.




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