Kirk Cousins: The Boy Band Years


via The Big Ten Network

Perhaps the highlight of the Kirk Cousins broadcast debut at the Michigan State spring game was his ‘work’ off the field. Way, way off the field.

It turns out that long before Cousins came off the bench to lead comeback victories for the Redskins, he was quite the crooner in high school. Kirk’s free time while attending Christian Holland High School was split between the gridiron and the auditorium, where he was a member of the Living Hope Singers.

And unfortunately for him, footage still exists.

I preface this video by saying longtime Redskins’ rival notwithstanding, my favorite look is with Cousins decked out in a cowboy hat. The pink-on-pink polyester outfit is a little hard to stomach.

Kirk may have missed the golden age of boy bands, but he has all of the musical styling of…well, you’ll have to decide for yourself. Cousins congenially describes the long-lost footage as “major blackmail material.” I’m sure his Redskins teammates will be understanding and supportive.


Well, he may not be as tough as Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, but he can probably throw harder than Justin Bieber, and for that, we are grateful.

With any luck, Cousins will have a long and prosperous NFL career, followed by a gig in the booth that allows time to tour with Jersey Boys.

Thanks for being a good sport, Kirk.

And hey, at least Kirk wasn’t trying to grow a mustache in high school. Just saying, Josh.




0 thoughts on “Kirk Cousins: The Boy Band Years

  1. Please keep him hes a excellent backup and he can finish a season, hes smart, courageous and he likes to win, he is an accurate passer and he is want you need , I have like the Redskins since 1987 and you guys are awesome , looking forward to 2013 ok, please everyone has potentiel, I cant wait to watch in 2013, please keep Cooley also and the Kicker also, and send me tickets, I have always wanted to see a Redskins game………………………………………………………….


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