Redskins Add From Matthews NFL Family

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AP Image

If NFL success is genetic, the Redskins just landed a gem.

Early this afternoon, the Redskins made a relatively under-the-radar move, swapping undrafted center Kyle Wilborn for free agent Kevin Matthews, who likewise went undrafted in 2010.

Delving deeper into his bio with the Tennessee Titans, I discovered Kevin comes from a noteworthy NFL bloodline: that Matthews NFL family.

His father, Bruce Matthews, was a Hall of Fame offensive lineman for the Houston Oilers and Tennessee Titans. Bruce was a true utility-man, playing all five line positions and blocking for the legendary Earl Campbell en route to 14 Pro Bowls.

The elder Matthews may have had something to do with the younger Matthews getting his foot in the NFL door, as Bruce was the offensive line coach in Tennessee when the Titans signed Kevin.

But never fear nepotism, sports fans, as Kevin earned his way into 17 games with three starts in three seasons, including 14 and two in 2012.

So goes the offensive side of the Matthews family, as Kevin’s uncle and cousins had/are having remarkable careers on the defensive side of the ball.

Clay Matthews Jr. played 19 seasons as an NFL linebacker, earning four Pro Bowl nods and going down as the oldest player to ever record an NFL sack (40 years, 282 days).

More importantly, he and his wife went on Family Feud and won the showdown but did not win the $10,000.

Clay Matthews III is an All-Pro outside linebacker for the Green Bay Packers. He has successfully parlayed his ferocious pass rush, Super Bowl ring and Fabio-esque hair into a whole host of endorsement deals (and herehereherehere, here, here, here and here).

Maybe he can flip Kevin an endorsement deal someday.

Little cousin Casey plays for the division rival Philadelphia Eagles, and is probably best known at this point for being Clay’s brother.

Playing at inside linebacker, it is conceivable that Casey could match up against cousin Kevin at some point on the NFL gridiron.

With so much NFL success pumping through his veins, it’s impossible to believe that Kevin isn’t destined for a Hall of Fame career. Now that he has a fresh start in Washington, the sky is the limit.




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  3. In this article you said that Kevin earned his spot on the Titans? & It wasn’t just because his dad was the coach. How do you know this? Seems pretty obvious with the way this guy performed all the years with the Titans, that the only reason he remained on the team was because of his dad. Any other guy would of been cut after kevins first year with the Titans. This article compares him to his relatives and dad when I have yet to see him even be comparable to his relatives as far as talent. I want to give hope to my fellow Redskins fans, but all this article does it talk about his family, which has nothing to do with his talent.


    • @Greg Cooper–

      I’m not sure if that’s a fair assessment of Kevin’s time in Tennessee. As I noted, he almost certainly got his opportunity because of his last name, but it’s difficult to appear in 14 games last season, including two starts, while being totally devoid of talent. Just like the backup catcher in baseball, every team needs a backup center, and you hope to all things holy you don’t need to use him.

      Sometimes guys like this just need another chance to show what they can do. Undrafted players usually need more time to develop. If you gave up on Lorenzo Alexander before 2010, you would never know he had the ability to start and play at a Pro Bowl level. Be careful writing off a young guy who hasn’t figured it out yet. There’s still a chance for him to succeed.


  4. He appeared in 14 games last season, only because of injuries that the starters had and they had noone else on back up. I agree every guy deserves a chance to succeed. However I do think Kevin has had plenty of time, years to show his talent & has yet to come through. The family politics is something I do not agree should be involved with football, but it is a good ole boy sport & there will always be it. There is a lot of talent out there that deserves to be looked at right now and a persons last name should Not Matter in who gets picked up. Him being a matthews has nothing to do with how good he is, but I commend you on your positive outlook and hope for a player to get to shine this time around. Hopefully you are right & he plays better this year & I’ll be eating my words.


  5. I checked and Bruce Matthews was actually still an offensive line coach with the Houston Texans when Kevin made the Titans roster. Let’s give him a chance and see what he can do here. There will be no question that whatever success he has here will be earned.


  6. I checked and Bruce Matthews actually joined the Titans just before the second year Kevin was on their roster. Bruce was still an offensive line coach with the Texans when Kevin made the team. Let’s give him a chance and see what he can do here. No matter what anyone thinks about his time with the Titans, he got this opportunity on his own and it will be up to him to make our roster and earn playing time.


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