Construction Ongoing At Redskins Park


The big construction news has been centered around the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center in Richmond, Va., but that isn’t the only hard-hat area in Redskins Nation.

The back end of the facilities at Redskins Park are in expansion mode as well, with the back balcony removed and plans to extend the ground level out to the road.

Construction has been going on for several weeks and is expected to be completed some time before the team returns from training camp in Richmond.

The primary emphasis of the construction is to overhaul the player facilities, which have changed only aesthetically from their opening in 1992. The plans call for a huge expansion of the team’s weight room and training room, allowing for more and better workout and rehab equipment.

The upgrades are also expected to include improved meeting rooms for the coaches to properly prepare the players for game day.

What does this mean for Washington Redskins fans? With training camp moved away from the facility for at least the next eight years, probably not much. But there will be some noticeable changes worth mentioning to the backdrop of all of your future Redskins news.

For example, the black Comcast backdrop to the in-season media briefings is a bit…shall we say, inaccessible now:


Considering that this space will be 30 feet inside of the building when construction finishes, it is unlikely that press conferences will remain in their present location.

Don’t be shocked when the 5 o’clock news comes from a totally unfamiliar location.

Other than that, the players and coaches are expected to be the beneficiaries of a vastly upgraded facility. Combine that with the indoor practice facility on-site, and the franchise has taken huge steps toward modernizing the facility in a relatively short amount of time.

Check out the full slideshow of work crews pouring the cement for the foundation earlier today:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

0 thoughts on “Construction Ongoing At Redskins Park

  1. I have been coming to training camp the past 5 years at Redskins Park. Now that it has moved to Richmond, I will not be able to travel down there. Guess my training camp days are over.


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