Cheerleader Ashley And Tropical Raccoon

Ashley A

It’s that magical time of year for Washington Redskins Cheerleader profiles on

We start off a review of the 42-lady roster with one of the returning captains and fan-favorites, Ashley A., as she checks in from her swimsuit calendar shoot in sunny Costa Rica.

In addition to the standard information about her time with the Redskins and her great experience on the photo shoot, Ashley also introduces her newest friend, a local white-nosed coati.

For the seven of you that care, the white-nosed coati is a relative of the raccoon and lives in tropical climates stretching from the southwest United States to the northwest forests of South America.

Whereas most raccoon are nocturnal critters that should be treated as rabid during the day, the coati is typically up with the sun.

The only thing this white-nosed coati is rabid about is the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders’ 2013-14 Swimsuit Calendar. You heard it here, first.

Watch the rest of Ashley A.’s video here:

[nflcs:avplayer id=’680d3c01-44c8-49ca-9ff5-ac1f2e38be1c’ width=’620′ autoplay=’true’ pr=’1′ class=’center’]

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