Nick Barnett: A Hair For All Seasons

Nick Barnett

New Washington Redskins linebacker Nick Barnett talked about versatility in his introductory press conference, suggesting that he could adapt to play the Mike or Will linebacker positions in the middle of the defense.

Adaptation is the hallmark of Barnett’s career, as he has transitioned from a 4-3 outside linebacker to a 3-4 inside linebacker, then back to 4-3, then again to 3-4. Perhaps the only thing that has changed as frequently in Barnett’s career is his roster photo hairstyle.

Spoiler alert: Nick Barnett only smiles when his hair is short:

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Barnett brings a veteran’s intensity and leadership to the defense, while showing a lighter side to the media. I’m sure that he can appreciate his new employer putting him up in a team hotel during the duration of training camp, rather than the “luxury dorm rooms” he was accustomed to at St. Norbert College as a member of the Green Bay Packers:

He could probably do a 2013 edition of Training Camp Cribs, but I doubt it would be as entertaining.

Welcome to Washington, Nick, and hopefully your presence–and by extension, your hair–will make an impact on the Redskins in 2013.




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