Griffin III Throws With Les Nice Dauphins

RGIII souvenir (3) (Copier)

There’s an old saying that suggests, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

What people frequently forget is the second part, which says, “When in France, play American Football with the locals.”

This story comes directly from the Rainy Day Content file, and given today’s washout at the Redskins’ training camp practice, it seemed like an appropriate time to share.

Nearly a month ago while on his honeymoon, Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III needed to rehab his knee, but was thousands of miles from the team facilities in Ashburn, Va.

So he did what any normal Pro Bowl quarterback would do: grabbed his knee brace and authentic NFL football and went in search of receivers. He found a very willing bunch in Les Dauphins de Nice and had a very Nice throw. (Sorry…sorry).

Fortunately for those of us stateside, the Dauphins posted a 113-page gallery on, the highlights of which can be found below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This story proves that the NFL influence is still alive and well in Europe and that RGIII-mania has no respect for national boundaries.

It’s also very cool to see that no one was blowing smoke about Robert Griffin III rehabbing during his honeymoon, and he got to provide a really special experience to some youngsters while he was at it. You can’t be “All In For Week 1” if you aren’t willing to be “All In During The Dog Days Of Summer In France.”

Perhaps most importantly, Robert can now say that he has also been on the front cover of the Nice Star Tribune, or whatever that translates to in French:





0 thoughts on “Griffin III Throws With Les Nice Dauphins

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  2. I passed by the training camp on Sunday night and so wanted to be dropped off there so I could watch the practices. But my husband said no. Lol


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