Wale Raps Robert Griffin III’s Recovery


There was a rule written in Hollywood in the 1980s that said all inspirational progress–particularly of the athletic or physical variety–must be presented in a montage. Show snippets of determination and progress, overlay it with music, and now you have must-see TV.

You also get montage classics like ‘Danger Zone,’ ‘Eye of the Tiger,’ ‘Chariots of Fire,’ and ‘Flash.’ Now, you can add Wale’s ‘No Pain, No Gain’ to the list.

Wale, a nationally-acclaimed rapper, DMV native and life-long fan of the Washington Redskins, has developed a personal relationship with Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. Especially considering his track ‘No Pain, No Gain’ is dedicated to the recovery of the star quarterabck, it made too much sense for him to not supply the soundtrack that backs the documentary.

NFL Films and Gatorade Productions offer this inside look at the journey and life of the young quarterback when RGIII: The Will to Win airs August 27th on ESPN:




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