Roster Change: Meet Perry Riley Jr.

AP Image
AP Image

Who knew that Washington Redskins linebacker No. 56 was living a lie?

It turns out that “Perry Riley” is not Perry Riley at all, at least not exactly. He is, in fact, “Perry Riley Jr.,” son of the original Perry Riley and father to Perry Riley III (or PR3, if you prefer).

Starting with Monday night’s contest against the Philadelphia Eagles, Perry Riley will wear a suffix’d No. 56 jersey as a way of honoring his very proud father.

Riley said there was no particular reason behind his timing; it was just something that needed to be done.

“My dad asked me when he saw Roy Helu put Jr. on his jersey, why didn’t I have it on mine?” Riley Jr. explained. “I said, ‘I don’t know, I never really thought it.'”

So Riley Jr. thought about it and decided to reach out to Redskins equipment guru Brad Berlin, who reached out to the NFL, who gave a thumbs up on the jersey change, starting with Week 1.

The equipment staff will need to attach a suffix to each of his practice jerseys and game gear, but the request was well worth the effort. And that effort will reportedly be repaid with a round of burgers for the equipmmondent staff, paid for by Junior.

“I thought changing it would be me showing my respect to my dad, while at the same time changing it up,” Riley told “I mean, it is my name and it made my dad happy too. That was the real reason.”

Perry Riley Sr. will not be in attendance on Monday Night, but will be parked in front of his TV as always, watching his son fly around the field on defense.

Thanks to the early kickoff time, there’s a chance Perry Riley III might get a glimpse of Jr. in action as well.

“I named our son after us too,” Riley Jr. said. “If my son makes it to the NFL one day, if he wants to do that then I would want him to show that he’s Perry Riley III too. So I definitely want to show respect for the name.”

Please change your rosters, accordingly.

For more on the Perry Riley legacy, read this story about the relationship between Senior and Junior.

Also check out how expectations are on the rise for Perry Riley Jr.




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