Cooley Reads ‘Llama Llama & Bully Goat’

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A lifetime ago, Chris Cooley was a bashful NFL rookie, making plays in front of millions but unsure of what to do with his hands when put in front of a camera.

Over the next decade, he grew as a media personality as his physical skill grew him into a Washington football legend.

By the time his playing days were over, he was a natural fit to join the team’s in-game broadcast and host a daily afternoon show on ESPN 980.

Though he has his own unique style and presentation, Cooley has grown into one of the most honest and thoughtful communicators in the market.

He put several of those skills to the test on Tuesday at the Redskins Charitable Foundation’s Redskins Read event, powered by NRG.

With each group of elementary school students that passed through his station in the press box at FedExField, he preached the importance of education through reading.

Then, putting his public speaking skills on display, he read them ‘Llama Llama And The Bully Goat,’ cover to cover. Sit in with the students and hear his own spin on the story below:

Full audio:

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