You Can #AskGarcon Anything You Want


How do you make so many one-handed grabs? How long did it take to learn to spin the football like that after a catch? Do you think Mount Union (his alma mater) will beat John Carroll (London Fletcher’s alma mater) in a few weeks?

If the moon were made out of spare ribs, would you eat it? I know I would.

Tomorrow is the day you’ve all been waiting for: the opportunity to ask Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon anything you want, as he answers questions on a LIVE video chat for FedEx:

So since it’s Monday, you have a homework assignment, Redskins Nation. Tweet your questions #AskGarcon before the chat.

Then, tomorrow on Tuesday 11/5 at 5:30 pm ET, log on to FedEx Facebook ( page and watch what happens. Don’t have any questions? Tune in anyway and feel free to fire your #AskGarcon question live.

The first questions get first consideration, so get your questions in now!

And enjoy this sweet, one-handed catch:

[nflcs:avplayer id=’47376d4e-9804-4964-a446-c26e52a0242c’ width=’620′ autoplay=’true’ pr=’0′ class=’center’]




2 thoughts on “You Can #AskGarcon Anything You Want

  1. Pierre – I know you are supposed to remain positive, but what is your honest opinion at this time of the Redskins making the playoffs this season, with extremely tough schedule ahead? Thanks


  2. What’s up Pierre, I was just wondering if there’s a big difference catching balls thrown by Peyton as to balls thrown by Robert. They both seem to have completely different releases and I would think catching passes from the two would differ. Were seeing you make circus catches look pretty easy on a weekly basis now, and just as I predicted at the beginning of the season, You would be our unstoppable playmaker this year and become a force to recon with in the NFL. Growing up Gary Clark was my Favorite REDSKIN as he showed his toughness on the field not just by making clutch catches but also showing the mental toughness that few have after taking a huge hit (That would have put alot of receivers on IR) left sprawled out on the field, then jumping to his 5′ 9″ 180 lb body of steel and signal 1st down with the stroke of his extended arm….”WHEW”…. That’s where legends are born in the hearts of many !!!! Thanks for bringing back that Feeling Pierre, We Love It …HAIL


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