Redskins Have Success After Friday 13th

Pierre Garcon

Friday the 13th is widely considered one of the least lucky days of the year, a day to wrap one’s self in bubble wrap and cower from the Boogie Man under the bed.

But for all of my Redskins fans that suffer from triskaidekaphobia and paraskevidekatriaphobia, rest easy. The Washington Redskins have actually found a pretty high degree success in games following this most perilous of days on the calendar.

Since the 1972 NFL-AFL merger, the Redskins are actually 13-9 in the regular season in the Sunday or Monday game immediately following Friday the 13th.

Here is a brief recap of each game:


  • Nov. 15th 2009: 27-17 vs. Denver Broncos
  • Oct. 15th 2000: 10-3 vs. Baltimore Ravens
  • Nov. 15th 1998: 28-3 vs. Philadelphia Eagles
  • Sept. 15th 1991: 34-0 vs. Phoenix Cardinals
  • Dec. 15th 1991: 34-17 vs. New York Giants
  • Nov. 15th 1987: 20-13 vs. Detroit Lions
  • Dec. 15th 1985: 27-24 vs. Cincinnati Bengals
  • Sept. 15th 1985: 16-13 vs. Houston Oilers
  • Nov. 15th 1981: 30-27 (Overtime) vs. New York Giants
  • Sept. 15th 1974: 13-10 vs. New York Giants
  • Dec. 15th 1974: 10-4 vs. Chicago Bears
  • Oct. 15th  1972: 33-3 vs. St. Louis Cardinals 
  • Sept. 15th 1996: 31-10 vs. New York Giants


  • Sept. 15th 2013: 38-20 vs. Green Bay Packers
  • Oct. 15th 2006: 25-22 vs. Tennessee Titans
  • Sept. 16th 2002 (Monday): 37-7 Loss vs. Philadelphia Eagles
  • Dec. 15th 2002: 34-21 vs. Philadelphia Eagles
  • Dec. 15th 1996: 27-26 vs. Arizona Cardinals
  • Oct. 15th 1995: 24-20 vs. Arizona Cardinals
  • Nov. 15th 1992: 35-16 vs. Kansas City Chiefs
  • Oct. 15th 1989 20-17 vs. New York Giants
  • Oct. 15th 1978: 17-10 vs. Philadelphia Eagles

So for everyone that fears 13, just remember that the team has 13 wins following Friday 13th since NFL stats really started to matter.

That sounds pretty darn lucky to me.

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