Meet Sofia Vos, Youngest Redskins Fan


Redskins Nation, I would like to introduce you to Sofia Scarlett Ann Vos, your newest member.

Sofia was born on Tuesday at 1:05 EST, a happy and healthy 6 pounds, 2 ounces at the Good Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfield, England. Her proud dad, Lawrence Vos, sent me an email detailing her birth. This is the second time the Voses, lifelong English Redskins fans, have been so kind as to have a child during the NFL season.

Your’s truly has been there to celebrate the birth of both bouncing baby girls.

For a 2-day-old baby, Sofia has already lived an exciting life, arriving nearly four weeks early to be here in time to watch the end of the 2013 NFL season. In years to come, she will be able to tell her grandkids the story of how she was the good luck charm that put the Redskins over the top during Dallas Week, 2013.

And how she was almost named after Art Monk.

Like most babies, Mom and Dad Vos did not get to select the gender of their prospective baby. Instead, they prepared name options for both a baby boy and a baby girl.

Obviously, the top baby girl option was Sofia, Scarlett Ann Vos. The top boy option was Art Vos, named for her father’s favorite Washington Redskin.

“I fell in love with the NFL as a 11-year-old in 1985, and at that time the best possession wide receivers were Art Monk and Steve Largent,” Lawrence explained from across the pond.

“First game highlights I ever saw, in 1985, here in England, was Redskins vs. Cowboys. I’m sure I remember Art Monk making some great grabs.”

While I was not with 11-year-old Lawrence in 1985, I can verify the stats that back his story up.

In 1985, Monk enjoyed his second of three Pro Bowl seasons, a season after breaking the Redskins and NFL record with 106 receptions. Career, Monk had 96 receptions for 1,357 yards and three touchdowns in 25 career games. In 1985 alone, he had 10 receptions for 154 yards vs. Dallas in two games.

Young Lawrence = impressed.

“Here in England in 1985 we only got to see a one-hour NFL highlights show that was a week old,” he said via email. “I just remember watching an American Express card advertisement before my first ever sight of NFL highlights. The advertisement had Tom Landry going into a bar full of Redskins players.

“The game looked so bright and fascinating. I found a book about the NFL and got some VHS video tapes of historical games and great players. I had a video called Hail To The Redskins that I must have watched thousands of times as a teenager.

“His 106 catch season in 1984 had me in awe of Art Monk. He always seemed to glide across the field and he was always classy and always making the big dirty catches that meant moving the chains or six points.

“I always admired Art from that point on. I went in the street and shouted ‘hooray!’ when he finally got into Canton.”

Fortunately for little Sofia, her parents had a contingency name plan and Redskins slippers in extra-extra-extra-extra small.

“We got our Christmas present one week early,” he wrote in closing.

Congratulations to Lawrence, Mom, Gabriella and Sofia Vos, and thank you for increasing the ranks of Redskins Nation across the pond. Hail to the Fans!




One thought on “Meet Sofia Vos, Youngest Redskins Fan

  1. Thanks from the heart Brian for such a great post. Mum, dad, Gabriella and newly arrived Sofia all say to you stand up and take a bow. For anyone reading this – this is why I am a Redskins fan. True class and devotion to fans. Merry Christmas Redskins Nation – I hope you all get what you dream of for Christmas, albeit a smile or a hug from a loved one.


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