Redskins Fans Gather To Rally In NYC!

Bad weather, nor hostile environment, nor a 3-12 record could keep the proud members of Redskins Nation from rallying behind the team in New York City.

Filling into established Redskins bar Dorrian’s Red Hand Restaurant, fans enjoyed free #HTTR t-shirts, great raffle prizes, and the inspiring words of Larry Michael and Redskins greats Rick ‘Doc’ Walker and Chris Cooley.

This was the final road rally of the season, a season that has inspired the three largest Redskins rallies on record. The turnout in road cities like Dallas, New York, Atlanta and Denver is inspiring to see. Road cities are expected to be a trip into enemy territory, where opposing fans, cabbies and random passer-bys may wish you luck or offer another emphatic gesture.

But that simply has not been the case, in this, the best slate of road rallies yet. Fans have traveled from near and far to make the Redskins feel as at home as possible in a strange land, the value of which cannot be understated.

So thank you to the fans that made the road rally experience so much fun in 2013. Closing out the year with the die-hard fans at Dorrian’s was the perfect cap on the road rally schedule, and certain to bring the Redskins good luck today.

Check out the full gallery from the rally.

Hail to the fans!

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