Meriweather ‘Soon To Be Showcased Live’

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As I learned this afternoon at Redskins Park, new safety Brandon Meriweather is not a man of many words.  In fact, he would rather that his actions speak for themselves, as he shared in his first interview as a member of the Washington Redskins.

Asked which safety position he’ll play in Washington, Meriweather replied:

“I dunno yet.  I mean, wherever the coach puts me, that’s where I’m gonna be happy, and just try to fulfill that to the best of my abilities.”

Asked how he would describe his game and how it fits into Washington, Meriweather replied:

“‘Soon to be showcased live.’  I think that’s the best description I could give: ‘soon to be showcased live.'”

In other words, fans will have to wait until the team reconvenes in April and see how he plays, for themselves.  Or where he plays.  Those are big cliff-hangers for now.

But one thing that got a strong reaction out of the young safety, were the prospects of playing for defensive backs coach Raheem Morris.  Morris is known for his passionate and intense coaching style, and Meriweather thinks it’s a good fit.

“I think that might be the best part of it all,” he said.  “I get to actually get a coach that’s similar to me.  As in, has a lot of energy, y’know, requires the best out of everyone.  I think it’s gonna be fun.  I think it’s gonna be a great year.”

Watch Meriweather’s first Redskins interview, and the broadcasting debut of Redskins.comTV’s Jordan Beane:

[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”901439/redskins_2012-03-15-141039.895.m4v”]

0 thoughts on “Meriweather ‘Soon To Be Showcased Live’

      • @mdc21787–

        I could continue playing dumb, but it’s all good.

        Jordan is a master of shooting, editing and producing video. The in-game video from the end zones (used on all Redskins shows) is shot by Jordan and Jeff. The Redskins.comTV shows are cut and produced in part by Jordan. Really, he can do it all if given proper time, which we didn’t have today.

        Think of Jordan as the long guy in the bullpen. He could probably be a starter if he was given the regular opportunity, but he’s so valuable in his role there that you don’t want to mess with a good thing. Larry was out of the office today, and Jordan still gave us five strong innings and kept us in the game 🙂


      • haha i love it! hey he walked in from behind the camera, grabbed the mic like a G and proceeded to ask a deep fried, U-swagged out, millionaire NFL free (or strong) safety what his life is like right now. Props.


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