Gano Fails At Waffles, Carriker Consoles

via @GrahamGano

Here lies the tragically deformed breakfast of Redskins kicker Graham Gano, tasting of sweet syrup and bitter disappointment.

Gano shared a picture of the disappointing waffle with Twitter followers (@GrahamGano) shortly after it’s flawed creation.  With only one of the four quadrants properly filled with batter, Chef Gano was forced to admit his most-important meal’s shortcomings:

 @GrahamGano: Not exactly me best waffle ever…

Indeed not.

But in the true spirit of team camaraderie, Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker (@BigPoppaPump94) tweeted more of his cosmic advice, exactly one minute later.  It’s almost as if he was reaching out to Gano via Twitter:

Wise words from Carriker, and all indications suggest that Gano did try to make a regulation waffle.  I’m certain he had Gano in mind when he fired off that tweet:

Since re-signing with the team, Carriker has been a lot more active on Twitter, firing off universal truths, jokes and cosmic advice.  He even inspired WUSA9’s Simon Landau to write up a game called, “Who Said It: Redskins Lineman Adam Carriker On Twitter Or A Fortune Cookie?”  It should be appearing on the Game Show Network any day now.

For those of you destined to take this post too seriously, of course Carriker wasn’t directing his tweet at Gano.  But that doesn’t mean Gano didn’t find the irony pretty funny:

@GrahamGano: @BigPoppaPump94- hah! Well at least it tasted good!

Better luck with lunch, Graham.

0 thoughts on “Gano Fails At Waffles, Carriker Consoles

  1. @Brian Tinsman

    Yes, because having a big leg is all about what a kicker does. Missing 21 kicks over a two year span is unacceptable, and you can’t argue that. By your argument you would suggest Jamarcus Russell is a good QB because he can throw a football 80 yards.


    • @Albert–

      To say 21 misses is ignoring the fact that half of those missed this year were on blocks. Blocks are not his fault, and there’s nothing he can do about his protection up front. When Lichtensteiger went down early in the season, the kicking game suffered afterward.

      Secondly, kickers are like wine, and get finer over time. In his second full season as the Redskins kicker, Gano hit 75.6% of his FG attempts. By comparison:

      –Morten Anderson kicked for 25 years in the NFL and hit 75% in year two. His third season marked the first of seven Pro Bowl appearances for the Great Dane.
      –Gary Anderson kicked for 23 years in the NFL and hit 75% in year two. He had four seasons after that where he hit less than 75%.
      –Matt Stover kicked for 19 years in the NFl and hit 72.4% in year two. He went on to become one of the most accurate kickers of all time.

      I can go on and on, but you get the point: Gano is getting better, but it takes time to develop dominant kickers. Do you want to cut him now and have him be the next David Akers for the Redskins? I certainly don’t, and all indications suggest that he can be a quality kicker.


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